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Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims He Doesn’t Support Green New Deal

CLAIM: Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed to not support the Green New Deal during Tuesday’s presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio. VERDICT: FALSE. Biden’s own campaign website describes the Green New Deal as a “crucial framework” in combating what it…


CONGRESS: Panel takes up bill to tap FEMA fund for pandemic, disasters

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will consider a bill tomorrow that would give states billions of dollars from the federal disaster fund to help them pay for emergency costs related to the COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters such that strike this year.


Doing Something About Global Warming Is Cheaper Than Doing Nothing – CleanTechnica

September 25th, 2020 by Steve Hanley  The rallying cry from conservatives for the past 40 years is that doing something about our overheating planet is just too darn expensive. Better to do nothing and continue marching into the future using…

Blaming Trump For Wildfires Is Another California Cop-Out

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is trying to blame anyone and everything for his state’s wildfires except himself, his Democratic party, and the radical green groups that have dictated the California agenda for the past 40 years. At a meeting before…

Doomsters: Climate Change Is ‘Common Denominator’ Behind Destruction

Climate change rhetoric continues to escalate, with alarmists now proclaiming that there is no need to wait because “the apocalypse is now.” That is the title of an article Wednesday by journalist Erin Bunch, in which she explains how “rampant…

Letter to Peter Khalil MP on gas lead recovery announcement for Australia

Dear Peter,I hope you and your family are keeping well during these pandemic times. I am occupying myself with a thousands small jobs from the local to the international on climate advocacy. I appreciate your confidence in speaking up in…

40% of O’ahu, Hawai’i beaches could be lost by mid-century

The reactive and piecemeal approach historically used to manage beaches in Hawai’i has failed to protect them. If policies are not changed, as much as 40% of all beaches on O’ahu, Hawai’i could be lost before mid-century, according to a new study.


Sally’s stall tied to global warming, but effects linked to normal weather patterns –

Catastrophic Hurricane Sally’s stall-and-crawl onto the Gulf Coast at the Alabama-Florida border, which pummeled vacation villages with Category 2 winds and dumped rainfall along the coast and inland in amounts measured in feet, is part of a pattern of slow-moving…