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News about Climate Change and our Planet



SEA-LEVEL RISE: Booming disaster costs expected for U.S. territories

Rising seas could cause billions of dollars in damage to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Army Corps of Engineers researchers said yesterday, describing threats to U.S. territories that are already being battered by massive storms and flooding.


INVESTING: 140 finance firms have fled coal. Oil, gas are next — report

Dozens of major financial firms have begun to limit their investments in the oil and gas sector — a signal that the world has started to retreat from businesses that drive climate change, according to one advocacy group.


ENERGY TRANSITIONS: Building wind, solar can be cheaper than existing gas

Wind and solar are now the cheapest forms of power generation in many parts of the world, according to the investment bank Lazard Ltd. In some cases, building renewables is even cheaper than running existing coal and gas plants.