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The Coronavirus, Climate Change, and the Nature of Crisis – The New Yorker

Subscribers to The Climate Crisis newsletter received this piece in their in-boxes. Sign up to receive future installments. An idea beloved of the technorati is that we are actually living not on the earth we seem to inhabit but in…

Tesla Defined The Language The World Now Uses To Talk About EVs

Tesla Model 3 redWe get a lot of flack here at CleanTechnica for being Tesla fanboys, but in reality, we are just a bunch of clean technology nuts that love the things Tesla has done, is doing, and is expected to do out into the future

Elon Musk Pooh-Poohs The Need For A College Education

Satellite 2020 conferenceElon Musk told an audience this week college is mostly for having fun and not for learning. He wants his companies to hire exceptionally talented people instead of relying on college degrees.

Tesla Model Y Explosion Going So Differently From Tesla Model 3 Explosion

This is something that has struck me several times, but I haven’t really seen people discussing the matter. It demonstrates, in its own special way, how far Tesla has come in a few short years. There are a few sides to it — production, company health, and stage of Tesla options. I’ll quickly discuss each of these

Tesla Giga Berlin Groundbreaking Ceremony Later This Month

Elon Musk will be attending the Giga Berlin groundbreaking ceremony later this month, Armen Hareyan of Torque News indicates. In the Torque News video, Hareyan refers to another news article quoting Jorg Steinbach, Brandenburg’s Economic Minister, who said the groundbreaking ceremony for Tesla’s fourth Gigafactory in Berlin will be scheduled in March