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News about Climate Change and our Planet

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Rather than debate global warming, Utah should find solutions | Opinion – Deseret News

Record heat and the drought this summer are putting the issue of climate change on Utahns’ minds. While a run of unfavorable weather measured in weeks or months does not in itself equate to climate change, it does invite us…

EU, China Unveil Sweeping Plans to Cut Greenhouse-Gas Emissions – The Wall Street Journal

The European Union and China presented sweeping plans to limit greenhouse-gas emissions that will increase costs for industry and consumers, though they drew criticism from environmentalists as not going far enough to slow climate change. The moves, while both long…

EU Unveils Sweeping Economic Plan to Combat Climate Change – The Wall Street Journal

PARIS—The European Union on Wednesday proposed a sweeping overhaul of its economy to fight climate change, aiming to slash the bloc’s reliance on fossil fuels and potentially jolting global trade with import levies that would hit high-emitting countries. The package,…

The Biden Admin Has Swallowed The ‘Climate Kool-Aid’

The Biden administration thinks they can stop global warming (aka climate change) by eliminating carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels and switching electrical generation to wind and solar installations. Biden says “follow the science.” If he did follow the…

Baylor study evaluates biodiversity impacts of alternative energy strategies

(Baylor University) Climate change mitigation efforts have led to shifts from fossil-fuel dependence to large-scale renewable energy. However, renewable energy sources require significant land and could come at a cost to ecosystems. A new study led by Ryan McManamay, Ph.D., assistant professor of environmental science at Baylor University, evaluates potential conflicts between alternative energy strategies and biodiversity conservation.

Shade From Solar Panels Increases Abundance of Flowers in Late Summer, Benefiting Pollinators

A new study has found that shade provided by solar panels increased the abundance of flowers under the panels and delayed the timing of their bloom, both findings that could aid the agricultural community. The study, believed to be the first that looked at the impact of solar panels on flowering plants and insects, has […]

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Sheep Are Grazing Below Minnesota Solar Panels That Invite Pollinators to Thrive

Fox sedge grasses wave in the prairie breeze, monarchs bob on swaying milkweed, while sheep graze on wild Canadian rye and the sun’s warming rays kiss the solar panels above. If that last part seems out of place, it’s only because this ingenious way to repair prairie biodiversity is only just being adopted in Minnesota, […]

The post Sheep Are Grazing Below Minnesota Solar Panels That Invite Pollinators to Thrive appeared first on Good News Network.

Why Was $66 Billion Spent On Renewables Before The Texas Blackouts?

The oldest maxim in politics is “follow the money.” That maxim also applies to electric grids. Following the billions of dollars that have been spent on the Texas grid explains why the state continues to have electricity shortages. On Monday,…

FACT SHEET: G7 to Announce Joint Actions to End Public Support for Overseas Unabated Coal Generation by End of 2021 –

The United States is rallying the world’s democracies to deliver for our people, meet the world’s biggest challenges, and demonstrate our shared values Today, President Biden and fellow G7 Leaders agreed to a set of concrete actions to accelerate the…


Odisha, Andamans most prepared to reach climate action SDG: Government  

The SDG Index and Dashboard brought out by the NITI Aayog also gauged India's preparedness for disasters, its saving of carbon dioxide, its share of renewable energy and fatalities due to extreme weather

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