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Lexus To US: No Electric Car For You!

Lexus UX 300e electric carLexus has unveiled it first battery electric car, the UX 300 e but has no active plans to bring it to the US. With only about 200 miles of range, it is doubtful many Americans would consider buying one.

Promises, Promises: BMW Aims To Double Energy Density Of Batteries By 2030, But Will It Ever Mass Produce Electric Cars?

BMW battery research centerBMW says it is working on battery cells that will have twice the energy density of today’s cells — by 2030. The company deserves some credit for its recycling and ethical business practices but it needs to get in the electric car game in a big way soon.

Broken Glass Mishap Wrecks Tesla’s Cybertruck Launch

The big reveal of Tesla’s electric pick-up went embarrassingly wrong when the supposedly impact-proof windows smashed, leaving a flustered Elon Musk to flounder through the rest of his presentation in front of a badly damaged vehicle. The Tesla co-founder unveiled…

Elon Musk unveils Tesla's new Cybertruck

[embedded content] Tesla has released various electric car and even semi-truck models over the last few years. During an event on Thursday in Los Angeles, the company shared its vision for the future of pickup trucks. Elon Musk and his…

Greta Thunberg Hitches [Another] Free Ride Across The Atlantic, Slams Trump

Climate activist Greta Thunberg has found a free, carbon-neutral ride back across the Atlantic, leaving U.S. shores on Wednesday with some stinging words for President Donald Trump. The 16-year-old has spent the past 11 weeks crisscrossing America, delivering excoriating messages…


ELECTRIC VEHICLES: China plunges into luxury EV market with Polestar

A Chinese automaker has unveiled the nation’s first global sales campaign for an electric car: the Polestar 2. It’s a five-door hatchback that is “designed to compete around Tesla Model 3,” according to an advertisement yesterday in The New York Times.

Why Chuck Schumer Is Completely Wrong About Electric Cars

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer has proposed a law requiring every car in America to be electric by 2040. Sorry, Senator — “not gonna happen,” to use President George H.W. Bush’s iconic phrase. And anyway, it wouldn’t begin to make…