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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate resilience: Is the UK ready for the impacts of global warming? – Carbon Brief

Every area of UK society will feel the effects of climate change and, as global emissions continue to rise, preparing for life in a warmer world is crucial. This is the focus of the UK Climate Resilience Programme, which is…

Climate change activist goes rogue releasing ‘mini volcanoes’ to cool atmosphere – The Telegraph

A Mexico-based startup will next week launch sulphur particles into the stratosphere in a “rogue” move to create a “mini-volcano” effect it says could help cool the planet.  The technique, known as stratospheric aerosol injection, mimics the impact of volcanoes…

Maryland landfills pose bigger climate problem than previously thought – The Chesapeake Bay Journal

Throwing food away is more than wasteful. When it gets buried in a landfill, it generates methane, a climate-warming greenhouse gas many times more potent than carbon dioxide. A new report by the nonprofit Environmental Integrity Project finds that Maryland’s…

39% Of Toxic Air Emissions In USA Come From 100 Facilities are ongoing concerns about the health of our ecosystems, our air, and the future our children face due to a legacy of industrialization and burning of fossil fuels. Those who work to reverse this do not stop either. Thankfully, there are also who have great endurance seeking to alert and protect the public

New Report On Plastics & Climate — The Hidden Costs Of A Plastic Planet

Amanda Kistler, Director of Communications and Development at the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), has shared a new report with CleanTechnica. The full report, Plastic & Climate The Hidden Costs of a Plastic Planet, was released on May 15, 2019. Below is a summary of the report and several highlights from it

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