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High diversity of harvestmen in Atlantic Rainforest and ancient geological events

(Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo) Mountain range uplift, river formation and other events that occurred 30 million years ago explain the emergence of new species of the arachnid in the biome’s southernmost portion, according to a Brazilian study.

Why Canada Will Benefit From Climate Change

Why should Canada fight climate change? Finally, someone proclaimed an obvious truth that few dare to utter publicly. According to Moody’s Analytics, Canada will benefit from climate change. Although it will shock many, this forecast should surprise no one. Canada…

Young Activists Fostering Fear Using Fake Walrus And Polar Bear Narratives

Despite a demand by radical protest group Extinction Rebellion that governments “tell the truth” about climate change, it’s apparent that when it comes to walrus’ extinction risk they prefer the contrived walrus tragedy porn compiled by David Attenborough and his…


Simply put: Education vs politics

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New discipline proposed: Macro-energy systems — the science of the energy transition

(Stanford University) In a perspective published in Joule on August 14, a group of researchers led by Stanford University propose a new academic discipline, ‘macro-energy systems,’ as the science of the energy transition.