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Guest blog – Dewilding Basingstoke by Paul Sterry

Dewilding Basingstoke One thing leads to another. This all harks back to the saga of Basingstoke’s beleaguered Common Toads, a story that not only continues but also evolves. So as summer approaches, and all those young toadlets leave their breeding…

Elsevier launches Current Research journals

(Elsevier) Elsevier, the information analytics business specializing in science and health, continues to expand its offering of gold open access titles with the launch of Current Research, a series of primary research titles spanning the life and physical sciences. Current Research will serve as a companion to the highly-regarded Current Opinion review journals.


Call to arms: how can Australia avoid a slow and painful decline?

Australia is at a crossroads. Drift towards a future of slow decline economically and socially or, if action is taken now to address our most important challenges, create a future of greater prosperity for all, globally competitive industries and a…

Climate change in West Africa

(University of Würzburg) A research center in West Africa examines strategies to address the climate change. Its German partner is the University of Würzburg; the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the initiative with 3.7 million euros.

Theresa May’s $1.1 Trillion ‘Net Zero Carbon’ Suicide Note

Stubborn, thick, petulant Theresa May has decided what her legacy is going to be: she’s going to poison the wells, salt the earth, and make damn sure that her name lives on through all eternity as the stroppy cow who…

General Licence confusion

I’d written the following blog post before hearing that Defra are announcing new, or not so new, general licences overnight. Wild Justice will be looking carefully at these and consulting with our lawyers over the next few days. One of…