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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet

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Taming global warming through rewinding – Tatsat Chronicle

Every trick that has occurred to environmentalists, forest departments, governments and even the judiciary has been tried to regreen the surface of the earth and check environmental deterioration — be it planting more trees or curbing forest fires or cordoning…

Scientists call for ‘climate smart’ forestry in face of global warming – EURACTIV

Over 550 scientists have signed a letter to the European Commission, alerting them of the deteriorating state of European forests and calling for climate-smart forestry practices – including wood harvesting for bioenergy – to bolster their resilience to global warming….

When planting a tree can actually fuel global warming – Anthropocene Magazine

Planting trees has long been seen as wholesome and planet-friendly. That’s true now more than ever, thanks to their ability to suck carbon dioxide from the air. But what if putting a new tree in the ground actually helps fuel…

Towards critical white ice conditions in lakes under global warming –

Ice quality observations During the IceBlitz campaign, the total lake ice thickness on lakes across the Northern Hemisphere varied from 1 to 103 cm, with a median of 29 cm (mean ± one standard deviation: 32 ± 18 cm). Most measurements were performed in January and February…

Climate change may cause bees to grow lopsided wings, scientists say – The Washington Post

Listen 5 min Comment on this story Comment Gift Article The plight of the bumblebee has been well documented. In recent years, researchers and advocates have reported worrying population declines across North America and Europe as climate change menaces the…

Brazil’s biodiversity at risk in projected global warming overshoot – National Post

Breadcrumb Trail Links PMN Politics PMN News PMN Environment Author of the article: Reuters Andre Cabette Fabio, Thomson Reuters Foundation Article content By Andre Cabette Fabio RIO DE JANEIRO, June 28 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Many of Brazil’s unique creatures,…

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