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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Rapid Global Warming is Driving Southern Yellow-Billed Hornbills to Local Extinction –

In a study published in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, a team of scientists in South Africa assessed the effects of air temperature and drought on the breeding output of southern yellow-billed hornbills (Tockus leucomelas) in the Kalahari…

Policy, farm management help China mitigate climate change | Cornell Chronicle – Cornell Chronicle

Production of animal protein in China has increased by 800% over the past 40 years, driven by population growth, urbanization and higher worker wages. However, the amount of climate-warming nitrous oxide released from animal farming in the country has not…


India is key to the success of Stockholm+50, as it was in 1972

As I write this, India is baking in a heatwave that seems to have no end. In March, India suffered the highest temperatures on record for the month since authorities started collecting data in 1901. April brought an average temperature…

What grasshoppers feed on

Anyone walking past a meadow on a mild summer evening is often exposed to an impressive concert. It is the grasshoppers, bush crickets and crickets that create a Mediterranean atmosphere with their chirping. The songs are usually those of males trying to attract females to mate with them. But they can also be rival songs when two males get too close to each other.

Climate change takes hold in North Carolina’s ghost forests – The Washington Post

As sea levels rise and storms become more intense, scientists are racing to study the rapid loss of trees and marshland along the Outer Banks Today at 10:00 a.m. EDT Loading… “Ghost forests” are found throughout the Alligator River National…

Microbial Responses to Climate Change in Three Major Ecosystems – AZoCleantech

Climate change is now generally accepted as humanity’s most serious contemporary challenge. According to a report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the situation has worsened, with 3.3 billion people globally vulnerable to climate change. This article…

Open House: what steps should the government take to mitigate effects of climate change? – The Tribune India

Alarm bells can’t ring more vigorously Finally, the fire of global warming has reached our doorsteps and we are now experiencing the threat perception of climate change as never before in real terms. Environmental disasters are no more global issues…

Cactus feels the heat of climate change – ฺBangkok Post

A saguaro cactus in Catalina State Park, on the edge of Tucson, Arizona. CASSIDY ARAIZA/nyt The hardy cactus — fond of heat and aridity, adapted to rough soils — might not seem like the picture of a climate change victim….

Global Warming Impacts Society | Opinion | – Quo Vadis

Global warming is a phenomenon that has caught the attention of policymakers across the globe. Now, global warming may not be an issue for humans at the moment, but it may affect us in the future, and it is certainly…

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