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Nanoparticles can make home refrigeration more accessible for low-income households

(University of Johannesburg) Power consumption of a home refrigerator can be cut by 29% while improving cooling capacity. Researchers replaced environmentally-unfriendly R134a refrigerant with the more energy-efficient R600a. They dosed R600a with multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) nanoparticles. Drop-in refrigerant replacement in the field by trained technicians is possible, says an engineer from the University of Johannesburg. This test of nanoparticle-dosed refrigerants is a first of its kind and can help make home refrigeration more accessible for vulnerable families.

Michael Moore: The Green New Deal’s Worst Enemy

Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is promoting a new documentary he executive produced about the environment — Planet of the Humans — and many of his usual supporters are going nuts. What can the veteran left-wing activist possibly have done…

Climactivists Pressure Georgetown U. To Divest From Fossil Fuels

Georgetown University announced earlier in the spring semester that it will divest from fossil fuel companies for the next decade. President of Georgetown University John DeGioia announced in a campus-wide email that the school will no longer invest in fossil…