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Anti-Cancer Drug Derived From Himalayan Fungus Clears Early Clinical Trials

An Oxford University study has shown that the new drug NUC-7738—a novel chemotherapy drug, derived from a fungus—has up to 40 times greater potency for killing cancer cells than its parent compound, with limited toxic side effects. The naturally-occurring nucleoside analogue known as Cordycepin (a.k.a 3’-deoxyadenosine) is found in the Himalayan fungus Cordyceps sinensis and […]

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Saint Greta Speaks: ‘If We Don’t Change, We Are F***ed’

Teen climate zealot Greta Thunberg raised some eyebrows last week when she tossed an f-bomb in a video she posted Saturday to commemorate the International Day of Biological Diversity. (Something I’ve admittedly never heard of.) “Our relationship with nature is…

Global warming and climate change can play a role in disease spread and pandemics – WKOW

(WKOW) — On Thursday, the world celebrates its second Earth Day amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out more of our coverage on the climate here. Environmental issues like global warming and climate change are likely top of mind, but people…

Investments in climate change solutions will pay off for global health – STAT – STAT

World leaders, beckoned by President Biden, are assembling on Earth Day, April 22, to create greater urgency to fight climate change. The summit is taking place during the worst infectious disease pandemic in a century. World leaders need to pay…

Natural products with potential efficacy against lethal viruses

Researchers describe the biology of three families of RNA viruses including Coronavirus, Ebola, and Zika and the natural products that have been shown to have capabilities to inhibit them. The review provides a guide that could accelerate drug discovery in response to future epidemics.

Inhaled vaccine induces fast, strong immune response in mice and non-human primates

Researchers demonstrate in a new study that a phage-based inhalation delivery system for vaccines generates potent antibody responses in mice and non-human primates, without causing lung damage. The findings suggest that a safe and effective lung delivery system could one day be used for vaccines and therapeutics against respiratory diseases.

Research team invents novel light-controlled contamination-free fluidic processor for advanced medical and industrial applications

A mechanical engineering research team has invented a novel light-controlled, contamination-free fluidic processor, which can serve as a useful tool to greatly reduce the risk of infection of front-line medical workers in testing virus or bacteria in big pandemics like the current COVID-19 pandemic, and to minimize the risk of contamination during the process.

Outbreak investigation reveals ‘super-spreader’ potential of Andes virus

‘Super-spreader’ events and extensive person-to-person contact propelled an outbreak of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in a small village in Argentina from 2018-2019, according to new research. An international scientific team reports the genetic, clinical, and epidemiologic features of the outbreak caused by the Andes virus, a member of the hantavirus family. Their analysis could aid in managing outbreaks of other viral diseases with similar transmission patterns, including COVID-19.

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