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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Six ways to lower your carbon emissions quickly – BBC

Tackling climate change on a global level is an immense challenge – but some small, easy actions are accessible to most people. Many millions of people around the world are expected to participate in Earth Day on Saturday in support…

Beauty breeds obsession: the fight to save orchids from a lethal black market

On a brisk February morning, a line formed outside the New York Botanical Garden’s vaulted conservatory. Inside, winter layers discarded, visitors gazed at a mossy rock covered in bright, perfect orchids rising towards the white-boned dome of the greenhouse: the…

Analysis | How fear of nuclear power supports Putin and global warming – Washington Post – The Washington Post

A neutron is hurtling through space.It is heading for……an atom,whose nucleusabsorbs theneutronand splits,releasing more neutrons,which split more atoms,and on and on and on.and atomfragments, Note: Figure is not to scale This is a fission chain reaction. It is a series…

As Bezos talks climate change, Amazon sells disinformation – Los Angeles Times

Soon after Jeff Bezos returned from the edge of space, the billionaire-turned-astronaut delivered a warning to everyone he’d briefly left behind on Earth. “We live on this beautiful planet,” Inc.’s founder — and, until recently, chief executive — said…


Restaurants That Focus on the Best Recycling Practices

In 2018, over 292 million tons of waste were generated in the U.S. It breaks down to almost 5 pounds per person, per day. Everyone needs to make an effort to reduce waste. It’s not just a problem for consumers. It’s something that hotels, restaurants, industrial companies, retailers, schools, government agencies, manufacturing plants, and consumers […]

Companies face growing pressure to disclose their climate change risks – Wink News

CBS NEWS Recommended How can you tell if climate change represents a big financial risk for a business or your investments? For now, Wall Street’s top regulator doesn’t offer much help. That’s because there are no set rules for what…


10 Ways to Make Money With Recyclables

Disposing of recyclables is easy when it’s an item you can put in your recycling container and move out to the curb for pick-up services. What about the items that can’t be recycled curbside? Did you know that those items can put cash in your pocket? Here are the top 10 ways to make money […]

Inspired Mom Spent Half a Decade Turning her Home Into a Shrine to the 1970s

Meet the mom who has transformed her home into a spectacular tribute to the 1970s. England’s Estelle Bilson has loved all things vintage since her student days and spends hours tracking down original pieces in auctions, on eBay, and in thrift stores. The retro-obsessed mom-of-one decided to take her obsession to the next level when […]

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Big fashion companies finally join consumers to stop the massive clothing waste problem

You were probably outraged when you heard that Burberry burned $37.8 million worth of unsold clothing and accessories in 2018. Amazon and other companies have been accused of the same kind of waste — it’s common among online clothes sellers…

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