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Lights, Camera, Climate – Sierra Magazine

In the spring of 2002, multiple movie studios were bidding hard over the right to make an action movie with an unusual adversary: climate change. For Fox, which snagged the deal, the haggling was worth it—when the film was released…

Peter H. Wolf: A global warming primer and plea – Winston-Salem Journal

{{featured_button_text}} Peter H. Wolf Guest columnist Human conflict is history’s most enduring thread. We have conflicts among each other, such as war, genocide, racism, religion, the treatment and education of women, corruption, forms of government and overpopulation. Other conflicts relate…

The sad fate of krill in the Southern Ocean

Krill in the Southern Ocean are projected to decline about 30% this century, due to human-driven climate change. But natural variability also plays a role. A new study tries to tease out the difference.

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Greener aviation fuels create fewer contrails. Here’s what that means for global warming – ABC News

If you look up at the sky on a clear sunny day, chances are you’ll see fluffy white trails left behind by airplanes. Key points: Contrails are largely made of water vapour that comes out of aircraft engine exhaust When it’s…

Giant Rhinoceros Skeleton Found in China – This Was One of the Largest Land Mammals Ever

In the land of endless fossils—aka North China—a new species of giant rhinoceros has been discovered in Gansu Province that ranks among the largest terrestrial mammals to ever walk the Earth. Belonging to an extinct genus called Paraceratherium, which means “near the hornless beast,” the new species displays some different characteristics and carries with it […]

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Achoo! Why warming climate is bad news for your allergies, asthma – WDIV ClickOnDetroit

This article first appeared in the “In This Climate” Newsletter. To sign up, click here — or use the sign up form at the bottom of this article. “If we don’t slow down the cycle, pollen production will only get worse.” Welcome…

‘Megadrought’ in West directly linked to climate change, experts say – ABC News

Significant drought relief is becoming more difficult due to warming. June 17, 2021, 11:22 AM • 8 min read Share to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this article The “megadrought” that’s plaguing much of the western U.S. is a direct consequence of…