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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Soaring Fuel Prices Are The Price We’re Paying For Biden’s ‘Green’ Utopia

Karl Marx is one of the most well-known deadbeats of 19th-century history. … Given the fact he offered nothing substantial, to either his family or society, it should come as no surprise that he “birthed the toxic tenet of communism.”…

The Perfect Energy Source Is Already Here – Endless Geothermal Is Poised for a Breakout

As physicists work in the nuclear fusion sector to unlock limitless clean energy through harnessing the power of the sun, they inadvertently invented a tool that could allow geothermal plants to deliver limitless clean energy by harnessing the power of the Earth. That tool is a large millimeter-wave laser drill that will allow engineers to […]

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Report: Better computing habits could reduce CO2 and fight global warming – VentureBeat

Did you miss a session at the Data Summit? Watch On-Demand Here. A new report by Nexthink found that organizations have the potential to reduce their CO2 emissions by a minimum of 695 kilograms of CO2 per week simply by…

Defending children’s rights against global warming – The Manila Times

IN a special report on climate change more than a decade ago, Time magazine warned: “Be worried. Be very worried because climate change is not some vague future problem.” Today, it is already damaging the planet at an alarming rate…


What To Do With Your Old 4G Phone As You Transition to 5G

An estimated 89.5 million 5G smartphones were shipped to residences and businesses in 2021. This was a big jump from the 33.4 million shipped during 2020. Apple’s iPhone sales brought in $38.9 billion during just the fourth quarter of 2021.Though 5G technology has been in place since 2019, it’s expected that 2022 and 2023 will […]


Biggest Recycling Law Changes in 2022

On November 15, 2021, the EPA released the National Recycling Strategy. As current recycling policies and programs aren’t working as effectively as they could, the EPA decided it was time to take a closer look at creating a circular economy that works for everyone. Why Isn’t Recycling Working?If you move from one town to another, you’ll […]


Tips for Recycling Holiday Electronics This Christmas Season

Based on current estimates, consumers will have generated around 57.4 million tons of e-waste by the end of the year. The COVID pandemic is believed to be behind the increase. While people upgraded their phones, tablets, and computers this year, only a little more than 17% is expected to get recycled correctly. Improperly recycled e-waste […]


Throw It Out or Recycle It? Each State’s Rules on Electronics Recycling (UPDATED 2021)

Think about the average lifespan of electronics. Most people will say you’re doing great if you can keep your laptop or cell phone going for five years. A printer is usually lucky to make it past nine years. Monitors have an average lifespan of eight years. Refurbished items have shorter lifespans.What happens when it’s time […]

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