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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Empowering Women to Combat Climate Change – Morocco World News

Spread the love Climate change is likely the most urgent crisis facing us in the 21st century. Rising temperatures are causing increasingly frequent and severe natural disasters, more droughts and heat waves, precipitation changes, and sea level rise. Consequently, this…


FINANCE: Climate change ups sovereign credit risk in most countries

Climate change is on course to lift borrowing costs across large swathes of the globe as rising sea levels, superstorms and droughts erode the economic stability of nations, according to Moody’s Investors Service.

Climate change: how bad could the future be if we do nothing? – The Conversation UK

The climate crisis is no longer a looming threat – people are now living with the consequences of centuries of greenhouse gas emissions. But there is still everything to fight for. How the world chooses to respond in the coming…

Marin Voice: Caring about climate change key for county’s teens, young adults – Marin Independent Journal

Spring is a beautiful time not to care about climate change in California. By late March, the mountains have turned green again, pink flowers are everywhere and benevolent winds blow easy temperatures across the valleys and striking coastlines of the…

It’s time for California to assume a firm stance on climate change readiness – Highlander Newspaper

Post Views: 365 Courtesy of Freepik All too often, countless stories are published that highlight the extreme dangers of climate change. In California, residents have experienced the harmful side effects of global warming in the form of intense wildfires and…

How climate change is worsening drought – Environmental Defense Fund

Spring is in full swing across the U.S. – flowers are blooming, pollen is blowing – and this means that the 2021 heat wave, hurricane, and wildfire seasons are just around the corner. After the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season produced…

Google News Falsely Links Mexican Drought Story To ‘Climate Change’

A search of Google News today for the term “climate change” turns up a story from the Spanish daily newspaper El Pais (“the country,” in English) discussing the various harms people are suffering as a result of severe drought impacting…

Brazilian Amazon released more carbon than it stored in 2010s

(University of Exeter) The Brazilian Amazon rainforest released more carbon than it stored over the last decade – with degradation a bigger cause than deforestation – according to new research.

Obama Admin Scientist Says Climate ‘Emergency’ Is Based On Lies

The Science,” we’re told, is settled. How many times have you heard it? Humans have broken the earth’s climate. Temperatures are rising, sea level is surging, ice is disappearing, and heatwaves, storms, droughts, floods, and wildfires are an ever-worsening scourge…

Implications are global in new study predicting Human exodus in Bangladesh

(NYU Tandon School of Engineering) Researchers led by Maurizio Porfiri at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, apply data science to predict how the cascading effects of the migration in Bangladesh will ultimately affect 1.3 million people across the country by 2050.