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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Hidden magma pools pose eruption risks that we can’t yet detect

(Geological Society of America) Volcanologists’ ability to estimate eruption risks is largely reliant on knowing where pools of magma are stored, deep in the Earth’s crust. But what happens if the magma can’t be spotted?

Martian hill named to honor Curiosity scientist

NASA has given the name Rafael Navarro Mountain to a hill in Gale Crater on Mars, where the Curiosity rover has been exploring since 2012. Navarro, a mission scientist, died in January 2021 from Covid-19.

In the climate change fight, the Interior Department becomes a battlefield – The Washington Post

The next month, the White House backed away from its initial choice for Interior deputy secretary after Manchin suggested she was too hostile to fossil fuels and declined to meet with her. The senator has declined to comment about the…

The Climate Change Cash Grab – OZY

The desolate climate of the Arctic has historically made it a place of little economic significance. The Earth’s northernmost region is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the globe. The melting of Greenland’s glaciers, Arctic sea ice…

A strike against global warming or a Big Ag giveaway? –

WASHINGTON — Dominic Bruno is not closely tracking the greenhouse gas soaking into the dirt beneath the walnut trees, sunflowers and melon vines at River Garden Farms in Yolo County, where the state of California spent $97,000 this year to…

New and recent books about women, climate change, and the environment » Yale Climate Connections – Yale Climate Connections

To honor Women’s History Month, Yale Climate Connections’s March bookshelf presents a selection of new and recent titles on how women are changing the politics and prospects for action on climate change. Three books focus on the efforts of young…

TU Graz researchers identify chemical processes as key to understanding landslides

(Graz University of Technology) The study results are based on investigations of repeated mass movements and are expected to benefit planning, maintenance, and development of transportation infrastructure in affected areas.

Global warming, but a big freeze in Texas? What’s up? – The Mountaineer

This past February an ice storm knocked out over two thousand electric customers in Haywood County. Things got back to normal pretty quickly, thanks to skilled and dedicated repair crews. Not so lucky for 14 million people in Texas and…

Modeling the probability of methane hydrate deposits on the seafloor

(DOE/Sandia National Laboratories) A team of researchers from Sandia National Laboratories and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory have developed a new system to model the likelihood of finding methane hydrate and methane gas that was tested in a region of seafloor off the coast of North Carolina.

Senate Confirms Anti-Energy Activist Deb Haaland To Head Interior Dept.

The Senate on Monday voted to confirm President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Department of Interior (DOI), Rep. Deb Haaland (D-NM), clearing a hurdle for Biden as he seeks to achieve “environmental justice” as one of his top agenda items….