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News about Climate Change and our Planet


New Rooftop CO2 Ventilators Funnel Fumes into Fertilizer that Makes Spinach Grow 4x Bigger in Roof Gardens

New carbon dioxide ventilators could turn fumes into fertilizer to bring vegetable patches to high rise rooftops, suggests a new study. It wasn’t just suggested, the study included an experiment that found spinach by the new air vents grew four-times larger than the other plants. The breakthrough is a promising development for healthier city life, […]

The post New Rooftop CO2 Ventilators Funnel Fumes into Fertilizer that Makes Spinach Grow 4x Bigger in Roof Gardens appeared first on Good News Network.

People don’t really talk about climate change. Here’s how to start. – The Washington Post

Listen 8 min Comment on this story Comment Gift Article Although a majority of Americans say they are concerned about climate change, it appears many aren’t really talking to their close friends and family about it. According to a 2022…

Germany’s Self-Inflicted Energy Catastrophe

Germany may be the only nation that has based its energy policy on absolution. Germans call it Energiewende (“energy transition”), and they aim to decarbonize their economy and lead the world by replacing their fossil fuel and nuclear plants with…

Climate Change, Fossil-Fuel Pollution, and Children’s Health | NEJM –

1. Tollefson J. Scientists raise alarm over “dangerously fast” growth in atmospheric methane. Nature 2022 February 08 (Epub ahead of print). 2. Global Carbon Project. Global carbon budget. 2022 ( Google Scholar 3. Climate Action Tracker. Temperatures: addressing global warming….

Cradle of transformation: The Mediterranean and climate change –

The Mediterranean region is warming 20% faster than the world as a whole, raising concerns about the impacts that climate change and other environmental upheaval will have on ecosystems, agriculture and the region’s 542 million people. Heat waves, drought, extreme…

Opinion: Individual actions to tackle climate change | Opinion – Traverse City Record Eagle

Philpott Most people in the U.S. are “alarmed” or “concerned” about the climate (Yale Climate Connections). Now is the perfect time to take action. Project Drawdown (PD) is “the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming.” It lists…

Biden’s Doing Everything To Avoid Unleashing U.S. Energy Production

President Joe Biden announced Thursday an “unprecedented” release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves maintained to have supplies during emergencies. Instead of unleashing American energy production to counter lockdowns’ disruption in global supply chains, one million barrels of crude per day…

New Paper Shows: “A Win on Climate is a Win for Health” – CleanTechnica

From ramping up clean electricity to eliminating food waste. From designing cities for walking and biking to preserving ecosystems. Projects that lead to a low-carbon society and limit climate change will have more and greater benefits for health than previously…

Reversing Global Warming – East Hampton Star

Paul Hawken, a writer and environmentalist, will be one of the featured speakers during the Southampton Arts Center’s Drawdown Festival. Recognizing that the climate crisis is one of the most critical issues facing the planet, the Southampton Arts Center will…

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