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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Investors' billions are chasing the baby boomer market

If you are in the real estate business it’s hard not to look at the 72 million baby boomers and think that this is going to be a giant market. According to Peter Grant in the Wall Street Journal, “Developers…


5 things to know about fighting climate change by planting trees – Science News

The idea seemed so catchy, simple and can-do. There’s room to plant enough trees, albeit many, many, many trees, to counter a big chunk of the planet-warming carbon spewed by human activities. A more realistic look at that feel-good estimate,…

'Downsize' shows you how to think big when living small

In 1907, humorist Gelett Burgess wrote some self-congratulatory comments on the jacket of his new book, purportedly written by a Miss Belinda Blurb. Burgess noted “On the ‘jacket’ of the ‘latest’ fiction, we find the blurb; abounding in agile adjectives…

Hubble’s new portrait of Jupiter

This new Hubble Space Telescope portrait of Jupiter reveals a smaller-than-usual Great Red Spot and an intense color palette in Jupiter’s swirling clouds. NASA said, “The colors, and their changes, provide important clues to ongoing processes in Jupiter’s atmosphere.”

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