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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet

Doerr, John

Who’s Driving Climate Change? New Data Catalogs 72,000 Polluters and Counting

Upstream from Shanghai along the Yangtze River, a sprawling factory complex in eastern China is churning out tens of millions of tons of steel a year — and immense quantities of planet-warming gases. The plant’s owner has not disclosed how…

Can We Tech Our Way Out of Climate Change?

Produced by ‘Sway’ What if Silicon Valley’s next big frontier were not web3 but climate change? That’s the bet the venture capitalist John Doerr is making: Doerr, the billionaire author of “Speed and Scale: An Action Plan for Solving Our…

John Doerr Gives Stanford $1.1 Billion for Climate School

Yet some question whether these philanthropic investments can make a difference when it comes to a planetary crisis. “I don’t see how giving a billion dollars to a rich university is going to move the needle on this issue in…

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