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Neurosurgery in Brazilian Amazon is possible

Low- and middle-income countries in remote locations with little access to care can create sustainable neurosurgical programs by recruiting and training young, local doctors, according to a new study. The study analyzed the effectiveness over the past 20 years of a successful neurosurgical department, its residency program, an international residency rotation and a medical student exchange program, all in Santarém, a poor, remote region of Brazil in the Amazon rainforest.


This AI birdwatcher lets you ‘see’ through the eyes of a machine

It can take years of birdwatching experience to tell one species from the next. But using an artificial intelligence technique called deep learning, researchers have trained a computer to identify up to 200 species of birds from just a photo. This tool goes beyond giving the right answer to explain its thinking, in a way that even someone who doesn’t know a penguin from a puffin can understand.

​'The Real Dirt on America's Frontier Legends'

We think we know a lot about frontier legends Lewis and Clark, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Jim Bridger, Hugh Glass (of “The Revenant” fame), Jeremiah Johnson (whose actual name was John “Liver-Eating” Johnston) and William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, but in…

Space affects women's and men's bodies in different ways

History was made on Oct. 18, 2019, when Flight Engineers Christina Koch and Jessica Meir of NASA finished the first all-female spacewalk. For roughly seven hours, the two women replaced a battery and performed a series of maintenance tasks on…

Thinking deep thoughts has impact on life span

Are you always deep in thought, thinking nonstop about the world around you? You might want to cut back on that. Researchers at Harvard Medical School just published a study in the journal Nature comparing the brains of people who…

Leading Journal Calls Climate Science Dissent A Mental Disorder

Germany may be reintroducing a dark period where political opponents are simply declared mentally ill by the state and forcibly hospitalized for “treatment.” A case for psychotherapy In a recent paper dubbed “The Denial of the Apocalypse – Dealing with…

The harm from worrying about climate change – BBC News

Back in Bath, I grope around for ways to reframe my negative emotions, with the help of Hickman. “The primary support that people get is through their doctors and medication and CBT [cognitive behavioural therapy], none of which is particularly…


Specialist police assigned to Extinction Rebellion rallies

Specialist police teams will be heading to London this weekend to help deal with two weeks of protests planned by Extinction Rebellion, the environmental activists who brought the capital to a standstill over Easter. Metropolitan police will be put on…