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2020 Hindsight: Our Year Of Bowing Down To ‘The Science’

While the following is technically not about climatology, substitute the word Covid for climate change and you’ll see the uncanny similarities. ‘Science is supposed to be in the business of neutral observation.’ Sound familiar? –CCD Ed. In 2020, lockdown diktats…

Model predicts where ticks, Lyme disease will appear next in Midwest states

By drawing from decades of studies, scientists created a timeline marking the arrival of black-legged ticks, also known as deer ticks, in hundreds of counties across 10 Midwestern states. They used these data – along with an analysis of county-level landscape features associated with the spread of ticks – to build a model that can predict where ticks are likely to appear in future years.

Progressives Are In Complete Denial About Climate Change

I’m going to start an ongoing series of posts on the subject of the refusal of progressives to deal with the world as it actually exists. The post a couple of days ago covered the futility of attempting to meet…


Where’s the beef with a greener future that also makes us happier and healthier?

Few crises come with a users’ manual. The government’s official climate advisers, the Committee on Climate Change, have come close, however, with a new 1,000-page tome setting out a blueprint for how Britain can decarbonise its economy and cut emissions…

Outbreak investigation reveals ‘super-spreader’ potential of Andes virus

‘Super-spreader’ events and extensive person-to-person contact propelled an outbreak of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in a small village in Argentina from 2018-2019, according to new research. An international scientific team reports the genetic, clinical, and epidemiologic features of the outbreak caused by the Andes virus, a member of the hantavirus family. Their analysis could aid in managing outbreaks of other viral diseases with similar transmission patterns, including COVID-19.


Charities commission warns Australian Conservation Foundation over Angus Taylor open letter

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission has fired a warning shot at the Australian Conservation Foundation, asking the environment group to “immediately read the guide on political advocacy” and consider withdrawing an open letter of complaint about Angus Taylor’s lack…

Hearts, airlocks, and asteroids: New research flies on 21st SpaceX cargo mission

(NASA/Johnson Space Center) The 21st SpaceX cargo resupply mission that launches from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida carries a variety of critical research and technology demonstrations to the International Space Station. The mission represents the first on an upgraded version of the company’s Dragon cargo spacecraft designed to carry more science payloads to and from the space station.

New Hand-Held Prototype is Being Developed for Home-Based Cancer Screening Kit

Scientists from two universities in Ontario, Canada reported progress on their efforts to release the world’s first hand-held home test kit designed to screen for cancer. A home-based screening kit for different kinds of cancers would be game-changing in the quest for more proactive health monitoring. To this end, researchers from McMaster and Brock universities […]

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Starved, stuffed and squandered: Consequences of decades of global nutrition transition

Just a handful of rice and beans – a part of our world is starved. Hawaiian Pizza and ice-cream – another part of our world is stuffed, throwing away food every day. This gap is likely to worsen, while food waste will increase and pressure on the environment will go up, a new study shows.

Novel insights on cellular suicide could provide new avenues for cancer therapies

When it comes to complex life — that of the multicellular variety — cell death can be just as important as survival. It allows organisms to clean house and prevent the proliferation of damaged cells that could compromise tissue function.