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Zaha Hadid Architects undulating riverside promenade doubles as a flood barrier in Hamburg

Zaha Hadid Architects has raised both the cultural cachet and the storm surge barriers in the German city of Hamburg with their recently completed upgrade to the Elbe River promenade and flood barrier at Niederhafen. Designed with an undulating shape that mimics the ebb and flow of tides, the revamped promenade reconnects the river to the surrounding urban fabric and boosts the popular riverside walkway appeal with a modern redesign large enough to accommodate a wide variety of groups, from pedestrians…

Wild giraffes are suffering a 'silent extinction'

Earth’s tallest animal is in deep trouble. Wild giraffe populations are plummeting due to poaching and habitat loss, with survey data showing the mammals’ numbers have fallen more than 40 percent over the last 30 years. And unlike the well-known…

Explainer: The high-emissions ‘RCP8.5’ global warming scenario – Carbon Brief

A sizeable portion of recent studies on future climate impacts have focused on a warming scenario called “RCP8.5”. This high-emissions scenario is frequently referred to as “business as usual”, suggesting that is a likely outcome if society does not make…

Earliest evidence of artificial cranial deformation in Croatia during 5th-6th century

(PLOS) People in Croatia during the 5th to 6th centuries may have used cranial modifications to indicate their cultural affiliations, according to a study published Aug. 21, 2019 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE led by Ron Pinhasi of the University of Vienna and Mario Novak of the Institute for Anthropological Research in Zagreb, Croatia.


Backlash: EPA halts use of deadly ‘cyanide bomb’ traps

Almost as quickly as the Environmental Protection Agency announced its temporary interim re-authorization of M44s or “cyanide bomb” traps it has now permanently banned them due to backlash. The decision has made environmentalists and others opposed to the deadly traps happy. Related: “I’m thrilled that the EPA just reversed its
wrongheaded decision to reauthorize deadly cyanide traps,” Collette Adkins,
carnivore conservation director at the nonprofit Center for Biological Diversity,…


All-in-one: New microbe degrades oil to gas

The tiny organisms cling to oil droplets and perform a great feat: As a single organism, they may produce methane from oil by a process called alkane disproportionation. Previously this was only known from symbioses between bacteria and archaea. Scientists have now found cells of this microbe called Methanoliparia in oil reservoirs worldwide.