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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Conservatives Propose Pro-Fossil Fuel Member For Exxon Board In ESG Pushback

A conservative corporate watchdog group is promoting a pro-fossil fuel scientist and lawyer to serve on the board of Exxon Mobil Corp., attempting to push back against the growing ESG movement. The National Legal and Policy Center recommended Don van…

Can sharks smile?

Dogs, monkeys and dolphins all show expressions akin to human smiles. But can sharks smile? They may look as if they’re smiling, but are they, really?

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Gordon Robinson | Climate change uncomfortable facts | In Focus – Jamaica Gleaner

Once again the global buzzwords are “Climate Change”. Why? Well global temperatures are hitting record highs. In England 38 degrees Celsius+ (100 degrees Fahrenheit for us old-timers), once unimaginable, are commonplace. On Monday temperatures reached 104 degrees Fahrenheit in a…

Maui’s Public Nuisance Climate Lawsuit – Forbes

Over 1,300 climate lawsuits have been filed in the U.S. None has yet succeeded. That fact in and of itself should give pause. In countries where plaintiffs who lose lawsuits must pay the defendant’s legal fees, filing groundless lawsuits can…

Biden’s Woke Climate Agenda Would Put Economy Into Permanent Recession

Of course, people have been asking me, “Are we in a recession?” or “When are we going into recession?” Here is my answer. If President Joe Biden ever succeeded with his woke, climate, fossil-free progressive agenda, he will put the…

How climate change is transforming life in Los Angeles – Los Angeles Times

This is the Dec. 9, 2021, edition of Boiling Point, a weekly newsletter about climate change and the environment in California and the American West. Sign up here to get it in your inbox. If you’re looking for evidence that…

Here’s One Way Shareholders Can Get Companies to Act on Global Warming –

Here’s one way your fund can start prodding companies to act on climate change: Link executive pay to their plans to reduce emissions that cause global warming, and then vote every year on how well executives are doing on those…

Rent Winnie the Pooh’s Tree House in the Original Hundred Acre Wood at This ‘Bearbnb’

“Sometimes,” said Winnie the Pooh, “the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” And nowhere is that more true than the aptly named ‘Bearbnb’ that bears his name. Tucked away in a lush corner of the Sussex countryside that inspired A. A. Milne’s original Hundred Acre Wood, Pooh’s trademark treehouse has been […]

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Biden’s ’30 x 30′ Land Grab Is A Gift To The Climate Crazies

We keep writing about the absurdity of feeling anxious, worried, or scared by the factually unsupported Anthropogenic Global Warming (“AGW;” aka “Climate Change”) hoax. This is true, but for many, it’s a yawn. Who is to be believed these days? Just…

This Simple Word Test Reveals How Creative You Are, Without Using Judgements of Others

Creativity is hard to define, and even more difficult to measure, but a new four-minute test is creating an easy and elegant way to at least measure one of the most common characteristics of this very human trait. The test is simple, and consists of one question with ten answers: Can you think of two […]

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