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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Analysis: With Trump gone, NATO wages war on climate threat – Reuters

If the U.S. military were a nation state, it would be the world’s 47th largest emitter of planet-warming greenhouse gases, a 2019 study found. Though the British universities of Lancaster and Durham took account only of emissions from fuel usage…


EXTREME WEATHER: NASA satellites may vastly underestimate downpours

A government scientist investigating Hurricane Maria’s destruction said yesterday that NASA satellites may underestimate precipitation during major storms, raising questions about using them to inform warning systems before and during disasters.

Biden to Troops: Military Told Me That ‘Global Warming’ Is ‘Greatest Threat to America’ – Yahoo News

President Joe Biden visited the US Air Force Base in Suffolk, England on Wednesday, marking his first overseas trip as president, and delivered a speech to the American troops there. He mentioned that he consulted military leaders to determine the…

Battlefield 2042’s Global Warming Plot Is a Breath of Fresh Air – Den of Geek

In a way, this setup shouldn’t be that surprising. After all, the sometimes forgotten Battlefield 2142 was built around the idea that global warming eventually caused a new ice age. While the Battlefield franchise isn’t exactly known for its sweeping…

India may have lost 3% of its GDP due to global warming – Hindustan Times

India may have already lost 3% of its gross domestic product (GDP) on account of global warming of 1 degree Celsius over pre-industrial levels, and risks losing 10% of its GDP in the extreme scenario of a 3 degree Celsius…

Stop burning our rights! What governments and corporations must do to protect humanity from the climate crisis – World – ReliefWeb

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CLIMATE CHANGE IS A HUMAN RIGHTS CRISIS The climate emergency is a human rights crisis of unprecedented proportions. Climate change threatens the enjoyment of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of present and future generations and, ultimately,…

Climate change impacts on seaports, threat to development – PreventionWeb

By Regina Asariotis Seaports are essential for global trade-led development, and for the ‘Blue Economy’. They provide access to global markets and supply-chains for all countries, and are integral to maritime transport, as well as fisheries, offshore energy development, and…


NASA: Biden budget would spend $2.25B on climate satellites

NASA would deploy a $2.25 billion Earth System Observatory as part of a Biden administration imperative to better prepare the county for natural disasters and other climate risk, according to the White House’s fiscal 2022 budget proposal released last week.