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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


What grasshoppers feed on

Anyone walking past a meadow on a mild summer evening is often exposed to an impressive concert. It is the grasshoppers, bush crickets and crickets that create a Mediterranean atmosphere with their chirping. The songs are usually those of males trying to attract females to mate with them. But they can also be rival songs when two males get too close to each other.

Memory Loss Was Reversed in Mice Using a Brain Liquid From Younger Peers in ‘Groundbreaking’ Study

Memory loss has been reversed in mice by injecting them with a brain liquid from younger peers in a “groundbreaking” new treatment.. The substance, called cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), washes in and out of grey and white matter in waves—helping clear out waste. It bathes the tissue with proteins, or growth factors, that are vital for […]

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Want to fight climate change? Eat more plants and fewer animals | Opinion – Pennsylvania Capital-Star

On April 22, Saint Paul, Minn. Mayor Melvin Carter issued a proclamation urging the public to consume more plant-based foods in place of animal products. Promoting plant-rich eating could be a key factor in achieving the city’s goal of achieving…

Could eating bug powder and fungus meat help fight climate change? Yes, but there are easier ways. – USA TODAY

A new study from researchers in Finland, published Monday, found that diets that simply cut down on meat and dairy are nearly as climate-friendly as diets that rely on culture-grown meat and milk. Global agriculture and food systems, especially the…

Incorporation of novel foods in European diets can reduce global warming potential, water use and land use by over 80% –

The State of Food and Agriculture (FAO, 2019); Campbell, B. M. et al. Agriculture production as a major driver of the Earth system exceeding planetary boundaries. Ecol. Soc. 22, 8 (2017). Crippa, M. et al. Food systems are responsible…

Commentary: Why care about global warming? – Alexandria Echo Press | News, weather and sports from Alexandria, Minnesota – Alexandria Echo Press

By Bryan Van Gorp, Alexandria, MN Why care about global warming? You know all the symptoms, which are broadcast on the news regularly. Increasingly severe storms, floods, melting ice caps, wild fires, extreme heat events, droughts, rising ocean levels, increasing…

Opinion: Individual actions to tackle climate change | Opinion – Traverse City Record Eagle

Philpott Most people in the U.S. are “alarmed” or “concerned” about the climate (Yale Climate Connections). Now is the perfect time to take action. Project Drawdown (PD) is “the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming.” It lists…

Our food system isn’t ready for the climate crisis

We used to eat so many different varieties of corn Maize or corn is now grown in greater volume than any crop in history, and is still the staple food for about 1.2 billion people in Latin America, the Caribbean…

Climate Change Is Hurting Penguins Unevenly in Antarctica – The New York Times

Adélie penguins have had a rough time of it on the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula, where warming linked to climate change has occurred faster than almost anywhere else on the planet. That and other factors have led to…

Researchers Find New Strategy for Preventing Clogged Arteries

Revving up a process that slows down as we age may protect against a major cause of heart attacks and strokes. Scientists have successfully minimized artery-narrowing plaque in mice, and published their findings this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine did so by boosting […]

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