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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Frontseats to apocalypse: Watching climate change unfold at Arctic | Daily Sabah – Daily Sabah

Climate change has long been the subject of science-fiction films, or rather disaster flicks, with the phenomenon bringing armageddon to Earth. Today, though, the plots of science fiction have become the reality of our world. Today, without fiction, science suggests…

At the gateway to the Arctic, a world in turmoil – Yahoo News

Sled dog breeder David Daley lives at the gateway to the Canadian Arctic, occupying a front-row seat to the march of global warming, and he senses calamity ahead. “For all the devastation that we’re doing to her, she’s not going…

Ordinary Plastic Turned into Diamonds Via Laser Beam in the Blink of An Eye

A thin film of plastic was, for the first time ever, turned into tiny diamonds in the blink of an eye after being shot at with a laser beam. Synthetic diamonds are valuable for their hardness and are used to make high-quality cutting and polishing tools, but equally so for their thermal conductivity, and electrical […]

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Russia Fights Efforts to Declare It an Exporter of ‘Blood Diamonds’

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to global soul-searching about overreliance on Russian oil and gas, but a new drama is unfolding over another of Russia’s major exports: diamonds. Russia is the world’s largest supplier of small diamonds. For years,…

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