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A rustic wood cabin from the ’70s is remodeled into a charming getaway

The original ChAlet Cabin was built onto a patch of land in Donovaly, Slovenia in the 1970s. Since its original construction, the wood cabin had fallen into almost disrepair. The shutters were misshapen and splintered, the bottom had been damaged by the elements and the paint was faded and peeling. Rather than completely tearing down the structure, the decision was made to focus on the property’s sustainable features and improve upon them to create an updated rustic cabin that continues to embody…

Green space is good for your mental health — the nearer the better!

(University of Warwick) Living within 300m of urban green space such as parks, nature reserves or play areas is associated with greater happiness, sense of worth, and life satisfaction — according to a new study by researchers at the University of Warwick, Newcastle University and the University of Sheffield.