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Synthetic Chemistry And Big Data Vs Global Warming –

Researchers from The University of South Carolina (SC, USA) and Colombia University (NY, USA) have combined the fields of big data and synthetic chemistry in order to develop an innovative method for designing and producing gas-filtering polymer membranes. The new…

Coastal engineers: ‘Thinkers’ facing rising seas

(World Scientific) This timely book offers a compendium of design alternatives to reduce coastal flood and wave damage, erosion, and loss of ecosystems resulting from rising seas. A design ‘philosophy’ for water levels to year 2050 and to 2100 is included. Today’s designs must mitigate today’s storm damages and be adaptable for the unpredictable water levels and storms of the future. Online students and engineers working from home can opt for the e-book edition.

Ocean waves play a critical role in shaping our economy, weather and climate

(World Scientific) Leading international researchers share their latest research on ocean wave dynamics. Topics covered include both traditional fields of research for wind-generated waves: air-sea interaction, nonlinear processes, dissipation, extreme value analysis, and those gaining importance more recently: connection of waves with large-scale processes such as ocean mixing and climate. Modern methods for wave research: phase-resolving and spectral wave modelling, satellite remote sensing are also included.

NASA Snow campaign wraps 2020 survey

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) As spring and summer temperatures return to the Northern Hemisphere, winter’s snow is melting, releasing precious fresh water into Earth’s streams, rivers and oceans.

Top 14 Examples Of Liberal Media Celebrating Pandemic’s ‘Bright Spots’

Lives have been lost, businesses have been shuttered for good, schools have been closed and millions are stressed out by the effects of coronavirus, but lefty journalists managed to find the “silver lining” to the pandemic — a cure for…

3D-printed system speeds up solar cell testing from hours to minutes

(ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science) Tests on new designs for next-gen solar cells can now be done in minutes instead of days thanks to a new system built by scientists at Australia’s Monash University, incorporating 3D-printed key components.


Emissions from road construction could be halved using today’s technology

The construction sector accounts for a quarter of carbon dioxide emissions, in Sweden and globally. Researchers studied the construction of an eight km stretch of road and calculated how emissions could be reduced now and by 2045, looking at everything from materials choice, production technology, supply chains and transport.

Aboriginal rock art, frontier conflict and a swastika

(Flinders University) A hidden Murray River rockshelter speaks volumes about local Aboriginal and European settlement in the Riverland, with symbols of conflict — including a swastika symbol — discovered in Aboriginal rock art.The engravings studied in 188 engravings in a remote South Australian rockshelter are a stark reminder of colonial invasion and the strife brewing in Europe ahead of World War Two, Flinders University archaeologists have revealed.

Biology: Responsibility for global warming, pandemic falls to us – The Columbus Dispatch

The novel coronavirus pandemic and global climate change are both symptoms of the Anthropocene epoch. That’s the current geological period defined by human impacts on the physical and biological world. In the Anthropocene, we influence nature — 2020 is on…