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News about Climate Change and our Planet

Department Of Energy

Biden DOE Report Shows Massive Oil-And-Gas Job Losses

The Biden administration published its annual U.S. Energy and Employment Report (USEER) Tuesday, showing large fossil fuel industry job losses. The Department of Energy (DOE) report found that the fuels technology sector experienced job losses totaling 29,271 jobs in 2021,…

UNCW researcher to be co-principal investigator on global warming reduction project – Port City Daily

UNCW Research Professor Catharina Alves-de-Souza, director of the Algal Resources Collection at the Center for Marine Science  (Courtesy UNCW/Arden Lumpkin). WILMINGTON — A Wilmington professor will use a $1 million-grant to advance a carbon-neutral process to make cement.  Catharina Alves-de-Souza…

Common Clay in Kitty Litter Could Be the Friendliest Way to Cut Emissions and Fight Climate Change

MIT researchers have come up with a dirt-cheap solution to curbing methane emissions in the air—a major cause of global warming—using minerals commonly found in cat litter. Methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, and is mostly being emitted by such sources as slash-and-burn agriculture, mining, and dairy farming. “A lot […]

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Policy, farm management help China mitigate climate change | Cornell Chronicle – Cornell Chronicle

Production of animal protein in China has increased by 800% over the past 40 years, driven by population growth, urbanization and higher worker wages. However, the amount of climate-warming nitrous oxide released from animal farming in the country has not…

Harvard awards $1.3M to fund climate change solutions – Harvard Gazette

Harvard faculty and students are advancing solutions to climate change and its wide-ranging impacts through new scientific, technological, legal, behavioral, public health, policy, and artistic innovations. Ten research teams will share $1.3 million in the eighth round of the Climate…

What we’re still learning about how trees grow

A new study finds that tree growth does not seem to be generally limited by photosynthesis but rather by cell growth. This suggests that we need to rethink the way we forecast forest growth in a changing climate, and that forests in the future may not be able to absorb as much carbon from the atmosphere as we thought.

Déjà vu on climate action – The Hill

Champions of federal leadership on global climate change are probably experiencing déjà vu right now. They may be flashing back to Febr.13, 2013, when President Barack Obama delivered that year’s State of the Union address. Frustrated at Congress’s refusal to…

Use Of ‘Too Hot’ Climate Models Exaggerates Global Warming Impacts

One study suggests Arctic rainfall will become dominant in the 2060s, decades earlier than expected. Another claims air pollution from forest fires in the western United States could triple by 2100. A third says a mass ocean extinction could arrive…

Climate change: Biden, give children their day in court – The Hill

Many American laws contain opening passages with “statements of congressional intent” — short explanations of what Congress hoped a particular law would achieve. They express Congress’s best intentions. Some codify moments of moral clarity lawmakers want to preserve in statutes….

Column: Efforts increase to remove carbon from the atmosphere, in addition to cutting emissions – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Creating a global air conditioning system to fight global warming is a tall order. But that’s essentially what United Nations climate experts are saying is needed, and San Diego officials at the local and federal level are trying to help…

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