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Greenhouse gas data deep dive reaches new level of ‘reasonable and true’

(University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences) For the most accurate accounting of a product’s environmental impact, scientists look at the product’s entire life cycle, from cradle to grave. It’s a grand calculation known as a life cycle assessment (LCA), and greenhouse gas emissions are a key component.For corn ethanol, most greenhouse gas emissions can be mapped to the fuel’s production, transportation, and combustion, but a large portion of the greenhouse gas calculation can be traced right back to the farm.

New research finds 1M deaths in 2017 attributable to fossil fuel combustion

(Washington University in St. Louis) An international team of researchers, including faculty in the McKelvey School of Engineering, has determined what sources contribute to pollution and the health effects they have on global, regional and smaller scales.

Dr. Steve Koonin Responds To Scientific American Smear Article By Oreskes Et Al.

Foreword by Anthony Watts: I was sent this by email, apparently “Scientific American” doesn’t believe in fairness after publishing what is clearly a smear. Peer-reviewed science welcomes rebuttal, smear review, not so much. Dr. Steve Koonin writes: I attach a…

New form of silicon could enable next-gen electronic and energy devices

(Carnegie Institution for Science) A team led by Carnegie’s Thomas Shiell and Timothy Strobel developed a new method for synthesizing a novel crystalline form of silicon with a hexagonal structure that could potentially be used to create next-generation electronic and energy devices with enhanced properties that exceed those of the “normal” cubic form of silicon used today.


SOUTH CAROLINA: State urges residents to prep for tropical weather

As the Atlantic hurricane season approaches, officials in South Carolina are encouraging residents to get their supplies and plans in order, in case the state is impacted by storms again this year.


TEXAS: Fix after blackout doesn’t dwell on climate change

Texas’ biggest fix to February’s deadly winter blackout that left more than 4 million people without power puts new attention on projections by the state’s climatologist but does not dwell on climate change after a deep freeze buckled the state’s unprepared electric grid.


NASA: Biden budget would spend $2.25B on climate satellites

NASA would deploy a $2.25 billion Earth System Observatory as part of a Biden administration imperative to better prepare the county for natural disasters and other climate risk, according to the White House’s fiscal 2022 budget proposal released last week.


FINANCE: Little of Biden’s climate budget slated for foreign affairs

President Biden is putting new emphasis on climate in his fiscal 2022 budget, but the amount he’s set aside for international efforts to tackle global warming may not be enough to convince world leaders the United States is serious about putting its money where its mouth is.