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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


The Next Frontier in Farming? The Ocean. – The New York Times

Climate correspondent Somini Sengupta reported from South Korea with photographer Chang W. Lee, who also traveled to Australia. March 15, 2023 For centuries, it’s been treasured in kitchens in Asia and neglected almost everywhere else: Those glistening ribbons of seaweed…

92-Year-old Helped His Indian Neighbors Save 200,000 Liters of Water And Cut Their Electricity Bills in Half

A 92-year-old Mumbai man took action to transform his housing society with renewable energy and rainwater catches, saving the residents thousands. In the year 2000, Navin Chandra moved into the Sealine Housing Society but was “appalled” to see how much money residents paid for the delivery of water from large tanker trucks. Expensive and “not […]

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The UK’s battle cries on net zero have led to nothing – and now time is running out | Robin McKie

In 2019, the government passed legislation that committed the nation to achieving a goal of net zero emissions of greenhouse gases by the middle of the century. It was one of the most ambitious targets set by any country in…

Demand For More Subsidies Hides the True Costs of Wind Power

Net Zero Watch is highlighting the fact that claims of falling wind power costs are contradicted by demands from wind power operators for additional subsidies on top of existing support. This debate has been in progress since 2017 when research…

Call for ban on zoos keeping polar bears as captivity ‘adds to global warming’ – The Independent

Get the free Morning Headlines email for news from our reporters across the world Sign up to our free Morning Headlines email The UK and European governments should ban zoos from keeping polar bears because their enclosures are stressful and…

The vanishing flavours of the Earth – Deccan Herald

In recent centuries, the impact of human activities on the biosphere has been significant enough to constitute the ‘Anthropocene’, an epoch of our own making, with far-reaching consequences. From rising sea levels to an impending mass extinction of species, the…

Europe Racing To Refill Gas Storage For Next Year Despite Mild Winter

As Europe emerges from a mild winter with gas storage close to record levels, it must brace for another costly race to replenish its reserves on the international market. European gas prices rallied in the run-up to Moscow’s invasion of…

Biden’s ’10 Years More Of Oil’ Shows Dangerous Energy Ignorance

Interruptions at State of the Union addresses are a tale as old as time. They are even used as a measure of the speech’s overall success. This year, President Joe Biden introduced a new measure: laughter. Not the gentle ribbing…

Antarctic science expedition put on ice due to problems with Australia’s research vessel Nuyina

A major scientific expedition to urgently assess record-low sea ice levels in Antarctica has been cancelled due to ongoing repairs of Australia’s icebreaking vessel, RSV Nuyina, with climate scientists expressing disappointment at “Band-Aid” solutions. US scientists have this week reported…


Ten Companies That Are Establishing Innovative Recycling Programs

Per the EPA, over 292 million tons of waste were generated in 2018 and only 94 million tons were recycled or composted. Only a third of all generated trash is recycled, so there’s a lot of room for improvement.Sometimes, people cannot find appropriate ways to recycle items they know are made from recyclable materials. Your […]

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