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Anti-Cancer Drug Derived From Himalayan Fungus Clears Early Clinical Trials

An Oxford University study has shown that the new drug NUC-7738—a novel chemotherapy drug, derived from a fungus—has up to 40 times greater potency for killing cancer cells than its parent compound, with limited toxic side effects. The naturally-occurring nucleoside analogue known as Cordycepin (a.k.a 3’-deoxyadenosine) is found in the Himalayan fungus Cordyceps sinensis and […]

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More Companies Pledge ‘Net-Zero’ Emissions to Fight Climate Change, but What Does That Really Mean? – Worth

A growing number of countries and companies have pledged to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 or earlier. But there’s a catch–they still plan to keep emitting greenhouse gases. photo courtesy of Appolinary Kalashnikova via Unsplash You’ll probably hear the term “net-zero emissions” a lot over the coming weeks as…


What Can You Do If Labor Shortages Pause Curbside Recycling In Your Community?

Labor shortages are hitting cities across the U.S. Waste and recycling is just one industry impacted by the lack of applicants. Jacksonville, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana; Miami, Florida; Detroit, Michigan; and Northampton, Pennsylvania, are just a few cities struggling to find enough drivers for recycling and trash pick-ups in the past few months. Currently, more […]

Batteries of the Future Set to be Cheaper and Better – Thanks to Sugar

Simply by adding sugar, researchers from the Monash Energy Institute have created a longer-lasting, lighter, more sustainable rival to the lithium-ion batteries that are essential for aviation, electric vehicles, and submarines. The Monash team, assisted by CSIRO, report that using a glucose-based additive on the positive electrode they have managed to stabilize lithium-sulfur battery technology, […]

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Pressure grows to toughen global warming goal at upcoming climate talks –

Vulnerable countries are pushing for a deal at November’s COP26 climate talks that would force laggard governments to make new and improved plans that align with stopping warming at 1.5 degrees, Alok Sharma, the U.K. minister running the climate talks,…

Green Warriors Are On A Mission To Stamp Out Prosperity As We Know It

Maybe this is it. Tumultuous turning points in history are often scarcely noted as they happen because the changes are so incremental and mundane that they do not seem to be much more than little local difficulties. But perhaps we…

Dems’ $3.5T Spending Spree Has Billions For ‘Tree Equity,’ EVs, Bias Training

The $3.5 trillion spending bill being pushed by President Biden and Congressional Democratic leadership includes a $3 billion “tree equity” outlay for planting saplings and $25 million on “anti-discrimination and bias training” in the healthcare industry — as well as…

Europe’s Energy Crisis Forcing Power Companies To Switch To Coal

European utility providers are preparing to switch to alternative energy sources to meet demand, including carbon-rich coal, as gas supply problems continue, analysts have said. If energy providers are forced to compete for the limited amount of gas supply, prices…

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