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Callum Roberts: ‘Sharks do bite people, they do kill people, but it’s more error than intention’

Callum Roberts is professor of marine conservation at York University and was chief scientific adviser on Blue Planet 2. His new book, Reef Life, details a life spent in the oceans studying the marine ecosystem. How was your first dive?It…

Can a glut of fake horns save real rhinos?

Soon, anyone looking to buy a rhino horn on the black market will have a new problem on their hands. How to tell a real horn from a fake. In a bid to save the imperiled rhino, scientists have designed…

Edmond Halley’s magnificent prediction

Born on today’s date in the year 1656, English astronomer and mathematician Edmond Halley was the first to predict the return of a comet. Today, Halley’s Comet – the most famous of all comets – bears his name.

Hurricanes affecting Puerto Rico reveal the serious crisis the country is experiencing

(Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Barcelona) An article led by Joan Benach, a researcher with the Department of Political and Social Sciences at UPF, published in the journal ‘Social Science & Medicine’, shows how the underlying causes of the crisis in Puerto Rico stem from colonialism and the lack of political sovereignty.

Village in India Plants 111 Trees Whenever a Girl is Born – Watch the New Video

Typically in Asian cultures, the birth of a girl is considered an unfortunate responsibility because of the dowry system that puts a financial burden on the parents. For this reason, daughters were never as celebrated as sons. But in one village in India, the residents honor the birth of a daughter with a unique ritual […]

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How to start running (and stick with it for life)

Maybe you’ve seen them striding past your office window in the morning, or congregating in packs at the park in the evening. Maybe your coworker likes to dash out for a quick jog at lunchtime, or maybe you saw a…

Donald Trump leaves Paris climate accord because he knows better. Not. – USA TODAY

It isn’t beyond imagination for the world to act in concert against a global environmental threat. After all, it has happened before. When scientists found that chemicals used in refrigeration and aerosol cans were depleting a protective layer of ozone over the Earth,…

A short workweek at a Japanese company led to a massive boost in productivity

Since the early 1950s, when Japan set about rebuilding its post-war economy in earnest, few cultures could rival its seemingly tireless work tradition. While the global average is around 40 hours per week, Japanese workers often tally 80 or even…