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News about Climate Change and our Planet


How Climate Change Hurt this Year’s Apple Harvest – Scientific American

It’s been a tough season for U.S. apple growers. Climate change made it worse. From late-spring frosts in western Michigan to triple-digit heat in the Pacific Northwest, apple growers saw a nearly 19 percent drop in fresh-market apple holdings in…

Media Swallows The Lancet’s False Climate-Change Death Claims

The Washington Post, among a number of other mainstream media outlets, covered a new report published by the medical journal, The Lancet, which claims climate change is causing illness, hunger, and premature death. The report goes on to claim matters…

Poll: Huge Majority Of Voters Worry About Inflation, Gas Prices Under Biden

An overwhelming majority of registered voters are worried about the rising inflation and gas prices happening under President Joe Biden, according to a Fox News poll. Eighty-seven percent of the registered voters who responded to the poll said they are…

Scientists challenged over calls for urgency in tackling global warming – Upstream Online

In the lead up to the United Nations’ COP26 climate talks, the UN and many governments and companies have called for swift action to tackle the global warming threat — but a speaker at a Beijing energy security event this…

Reports: Health problems tied to global warming on the rise – ABC News

Two new reports show that death, disease and other health problems linked to global warming are rapidly rising By SETH BORENSTEIN AP Science Writer October 21, 2021, 1:00 AM • 3 min read Share to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this article…

Maldives minister: Failure to limit warming a death sentence – ABC News

The Maldives’ environment minister says a failure to limit global warming could mean a “death sentence” for small island nations, including the end of their livelihoods and cultures By KRISHAN FRANCIS and ANIRUDDHA GHOSAL Associated Press October 20, 2021, 2:20…

Maldives calls for rapid and immediate action to fight climate change – CNBC

Concrete blocks are placed along the shoreline to try and prevent further coastal erosion in Mahibadhoo, Maldives. Carl Court | Getty Images News | Getty Images The world’s largest carbon emitters are not listening to what’s happening to countries facing…

New Study of ‘MIND’ Diet Shows It May Improve Memory and Thinking Skills in Old Age

Aging takes a toll on the body and on the mind. For example, the tissue of aging human brains sometimes develops abnormal clumps of proteins that are the hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease. How can you protect your brain from these effects? Researchers at Rush University Medical Center have found that older adults may benefit from […]

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Eating Mushrooms Could Lower Risk of Depression, New Study Says

Mushrooms have been making headlines due to their many health advantages. Not only do they lower one’s risk of cancer and premature death, but new research led by Penn State College of Medicine also reveals that these superfoods may benefit a person’s mental health. Penn State researchers used data on diet and mental health collected […]

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