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Shocking Scientific Discovery: Winds Affect Ocean Temperatures!

I am shocked to learn that winds affect ocean temperatures. I am also surprised to learn from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that ocean currents, temperatures around the Earth, and carbon dioxide levels are all related to the…

The evolution of puppy dog eyes

Dogs have evolved new muscles around the eyes to better communicate with humans. New research comparing the anatomy and behavior of dogs and wolves suggests dogs’ facial anatomy has changed over thousands of years specifically to allow them to better communicate with humans.

EVgo Celebrates The Completion Of The New “Drive The ARC” Fast Charging Corridor

A new charging corridor connects EV drivers in Northern California’s Bay Area to the popular Lake Tahoe region in the Sierra Nevadas with a network of high speed DC Fast Chargers. The completion of the charging corridor was announced this morning in partnership with EVgo, when the last two stations in the Drive The ARC system were brought online

Travelling thoughts

A couple of weeks ago I was srolling around Berlin on a sunny day, looking at the sights. Last week I spent a similar amount of time walking through similar parts of central London on another sunny day. In Berlin…

Romney Considers Backing Costly Carbon Tax Bill

Senator Mitt Romney is “looking at” a carbon tax bill, according to a report from E&E News published this afternoon. Democrat Senator Chris Coons of Delaware is trying to convince Romney to impose the tax, which would impose a significant tax increase…

Climate change: Science and scepticism – Open Access Government

© Roman Didkivskiy | Peter Jansen – Principle Lecturer and sustainable business expert, London School of Business and Finance, explains the science behind climate change and the barriers preventing people and businesses from acting In October 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel…