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News about Climate Change and our Planet


How might climate change affect the spread of viruses? – Medical News Today

Predicting how future climate change will influence the spread of viral infections is fraught with difficulty. This is due to the complexity of interactions between climate, nature, and human activity. But annual fluctuations in some viral infections, such as seasonal…

NOAA’s Latest Bogus Climate Scare: ‘Near-Annual’ Reef Bleaching

Climate alarmists are back with a new and far-fetched Great Barrier Reef scare, just a few years after their most recent claims of massive coral death in the Reef proved false. No, alarmists, we are not entering a period of…

Phase 4 May Be Dem’s Last Chance To Pass The Green New Deal

Yes; another “stimulus” bill is possible and perhaps even likely. Expect Nancy Pelosi’s “Green New Deal” to be part of this effort given that the Senate and the President said NO to subsidies for solar panels and wind turbines in…

NASA Data Shows No Greenland Warming, Melting In Nearly 100 Years

Recently I tweeted that according to NASA GHCN V3 data, three of four stations in Iceland saw no warming from 1922 – 2018: In Iceland, 3 of 4 stations have been a cooling or there has been no warming trend…

American robins migrating 12 days earlier than they did 25 years ago

American robins can be found year-round almost anywhere in North America, from Canada’s lower provinces and southward, but many of the birds in northern areas head south for the winter. Recently, researchers have found that these robins have been migrating…

Reuters Invents Fake Seaweed Crisis As Harvests More Than Double

Reuters published a March 30 article claiming climate change is causing a crisis in seaweed growth and harvesting. However, the facts say just the opposite. According to a 2018 United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization report, the global seaweed harvest…


CLIMATE IMPACTS: Calif. snowpack measures below normal for spring

California’s Sierra Nevada snowpack is below normal for spring, and the water content around the state is only about half the April average as much of California struggles under persistent drought, authorities said Wednesday.


ADVOCACY: Jane Fonda goes virtual

Actress Jane Fonda is taking her Fire Drill Fridays from the steps of the Capitol to an online screen to continue advocating for climate action as the novel coronavirus spreads across the United States.


FINANCE: Corporate response to virus could hurt climate work — greens

The novel coronavirus pandemic is compelling more companies to either postpone their annual general meetings or move them online — a trend that environmentalists worry could impede investors’ efforts to press for climate action in the corporate world.