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Bronze Age herders were less mobile than previously thought

Bronze Age pastoralists in what is now southern Russia apparently covered shorter distances than previously thought. It is believed that the Indo-European languages may have originated from this region, and these findings raise new questions about how technical and agricultural innovations spread to Europe.

US Subject To UN ‘Justice’ Council If It Rejoins Paris Climate Pact

It appears possible that, come January, the United States will rejoin the 2015 Paris climate agreement, committing to adopt the “Green New Deal” agenda (now rebranded for political purposes as “Net Zero”). This will not be accomplished by Senate ratification,…

The U.N. And Its Staggering Rise In Dishonesty

The UN did as only the UN can do, putting out a supposedly authoritative scientific report on “staggering” rise in climate disasters over the last 20 years that was seized upon with enthusiasm by the usual suspects. Regrettably, the report…

High flavanol diet may lead to lower blood pressure

People who consume a diet including flavanol-rich foods and drinks, including tea, apples and berries, could lead to lower blood pressure, according to the first study using objective measures of thousands of UK residents’ diet.


ENERGY TRANSITIONS: Building wind, solar can be cheaper than existing gas

Wind and solar are now the cheapest forms of power generation in many parts of the world, according to the investment bank Lazard Ltd. In some cases, building renewables is even cheaper than running existing coal and gas plants.

Researchers provide most detailed and complete record yet of Earth’s last magnetic reversal

(Research Organization of Information and Systems) Earth’s magnetic fields typically switch every 200 to 300 millennia. Yet, the planet has remained steady for more than twice that now, with the last magnetic reversal occurring about 773,000 years ago. A team of researchers based in Japan now has a better understanding of the geophysical events leading up to the switch and how Earth has responded since then.

Eco-Rape Of Africa: Hamburg Power Plants To Use Namibia Bush Wood For Fuel

To meet its CO2 reductions targets, Hamburg plans to deforest Africa in order to substitute coal with wood at its power plants! Substituting coal with wood from Africa German environmental protection group ROBIN WOOD here recently issued a press release…