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Another Study Says Warming And CO2-Induced Greening Lead To COOLER Land Temps

Since the 1980s, warming and rising CO2 fertilization have spawned a global-scale greening trend. This leads to an “Earth greening-induced cooling effect” of land surface temperatures. In the last 9 months, we have highlighted a study (Haverd et al., 2020)…

NASA “mole’s” attempts to dig into Mars failed. What’s next?

The mission team for NASA’s InSight lander called off its attempts to try to dig deeper into Mars with the heat probe known as “the mole.” Meanwhile, the rest of the mission gained an extension to December 2022.

Antibiotic resistance may spread even more easily than expected

Pathogenic bacteria in humans are developing resistance to antibiotics much faster than expected. Now, computational research shows that one reason could be significant genetic transfer between bacteria in our ecosystems and to humans. This work has also led to new tools for resistance researchers.

Late rainy season reliably predicts drought in regions prone to food insecurity

The onset date of the yearly rainy season reliably predicts if seasonal drought will occur in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa that are particularly vulnerable to food insecurity, and could help to mitigate its effects.

How Biden’s Return To The Paris Climate Accord Benefits Beijing

As part of his $2 trillion “Equitable Clean Energy Future” agenda, President Biden has pledged to recommit America to the Paris Climate Agreement (drafted in 2015, signed in 2016), which proposes to eliminate carbon emissions from electricity by 2035 and…


Alarmist Site Claims World Hunger Is Rising – As Global Food Output Soars

Among the top Google News search results today for the term “climate change” today is a story on the climate activist website, Carbon Brief, titled “Climate change could have a ‘profound’ negative impact on child malnourishment.” The article claims climate…