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News about Climate Change and our Planet

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Up to half of world’s glaciers could disappear even if ambitious climate targets are hit, new study finds – KABC-TV

Glaciers are set to lose substantially more ice and contribute more to sea level rise than current scientific estimates project, according to a new report. Using new satellite data to model different climate change scenarios, researchers found that up to…

When Will the World As We Know It End From Climate Change? – Newsweek

The climate crisis is already here. Extreme weather has become more common across the globe, and estimates suggest that current levels of warming may have already crossed the threshold for irreversible change in several of the Earth’s key climate systems….

Jerry Chase: A host of measurements are recording the effect of climate change – Loveland Reporter-Herald

In a recent guest opinion, Carl Langner makes the claim that satellite based temperature measurements are better than ground based temperature measurements. To get a picture of the magnitude of the increase in earth’s temperature, scientists combine measurements from multiple…

Last month was among the warmest Junes on record, reports say – The Washington Post

Listen 3 min Comment on this story Comment Gift Article Last month was among Earth’s warmest Junes ever recorded, according to data released by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This June was more than 1.1 degrees Celsius,…

Fighting climate change in a fragmented world – The Hill

Currently, seven astronauts are living on the International Space Station: three Americans, one European and three Russians. They may not agree on much outside the day-to-day management of their vessel, but they must cooperate on that task if they all…

Climate Change is Likely to Increase the Risk of Infectious Diseases – DISCOVER Magazine

Right now, at least 10,000 viruses capable of infecting humans are lurking in the wild, most of them circulating undetected in animals. Typically, these diseases don’t end up reaching us. But in some cases, a virus will leap from one…

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