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Spot the difference: Two identical-looking bird species with very different genes

(University of Bath) While reports of species going extinct are sadly becoming common, an international team of scientists has identified a new species of bird living on the Southern coast of China, that diverged from their Northern relatives around half a million years ago.

New Zealand zero carbon Bill shows bipartisan leadership

Historic moment for New Zealand as the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern calls near unanimous support for a Zero Carbon bill as acting on the biggest challenge of our time. “I continue to stand by the statement that #ClimateChange…

How exercise can make you happier

A swimmer runs with relish toward the Atlantic Ocean in Devon, England, in July 1926. (Photo: Fox Photos/Getty Images) The human body is meant to move. We’re all athletes at heart, fine-tuned by natural selection to run across savannas, leap…

Climate Change And The Carbon Dioxide Molecule

Most media articles about global warming or climate change are written with the acceptance of carbon dioxide (CO2) as the cause. I have no bias as to whether there is climate change or if CO2 is the cause, but I am…

Post-lithium technology

(Wiley) Next-generation batteries will probably see the replacement of lithium ions by more abundant and environmentally benign alkali metal or multivalent ions. A major challenge, however, is the development of stable electrodes that combine high energy densities with fast charge and discharge rates. In the journal Angewandte Chemie, US and Chinese scientists report a high-performance cathode made of an organic polymer to be used in low-cost, environmentally benign, and durable sodium-ion batteries.

Nerve cell protection free from side effects

(University of Göttingen) The hormone erythropoietin (Epo) is a well-known doping substance that has a history of abuse in endurance sports. In addition to promoting red blood cell production, Epo protects nerve cells from death. To use this effect to cure neurodegenerative diseases, negative effects need to be prevented. Researchers at the University of Göttingen have now discovered another Epo receptor that could have protective effects in humans without side-effects. The results appeared in Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience.

New electrolyte stops rapid performance decline of next-generation lithium battery

(DOE/Argonne National Laboratory) Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory have designed and tested a new electrolyte composition that could greatly accelerate the adoption of the next generation of lithium-ion batteries.

Some blind people can 'see' with their ears

[embedded content] When Daniel Kish enters a room, he may not be able to see, but his ears give him a 360-degree view. Kish uses echolocation — just like bats or whales — to navigate the world. And it allows…


Northern forests have lost crucial cold, snowy conditions

Winter conditions are changing more rapidly than any other season and researchers have found clear signs of a decline in frost days, snow covered days and other indicators of winter that could have lasting impacts on ecosystems, water supplies, the economy, tourism and human health.