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6 exercises that can help you lose weight (even if you have 'obesity genes')

There are some people who are predisposed toward obesity. And some exercises are better than others in keeping them from packing on the pounds. A new study suggests six specific exercises that seem to be best for weight loss. Topping…

Advance in understanding of all-solid-state batteries

(The Faraday Institution) In a new paper published by Nature Materials entitled ‘Critical Stripping Current Leads to Dendrite Formation on Plating in Lithium Anode Solid Electrolyte Cells,’ Faraday Institution researchers at the University of Oxford have taken a step forward in understanding the mechanisms by which solid-state batteries fail — a necessary prerequisite to avoiding such failures.


Simpler than expected: A microbial community with small diversity cleans up algal blooms

Algae blooms regularly make for pretty, swirly satellite photos of lakes and oceans. They also make the news occasionally for poisoning fish, people and other animals. What’s less frequently discussed is the outsize role they play in global carbon cycling. A recent study now reveals surprising facts about carbon flow in phytoplankton blooms. Unexpectedly few bacterial clades with a restricted set of genes are responsible for a major part of the degradation of algal sugars.

Global warming will accelerate water cycle over global land monsoon regions – EurekAlert

IMAGE: The annual-mean water cycle for the global land monsoon (GLM) region. Black numbers denote the 1986-2005 climatology, while red numbers denote responses to global warming under RCP8.5, the business-as-usual emission… view more  Credit: Wenxia Zhang The global monsoon region, sprawling…