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Viruses love it when you touch your face

If you’re serious about staying healthy in these viral times, medical experts have some strong advice for you: Stop touching your face. No scratching. No rubbing. And certainly, no picking. Germs love it when we do that. And, as the…

Britain’s Floods Have Nothing To Do With Climate Change

Boris Johnson’s Greenest Government Evah has come up with a brilliant new excuse to duck its responsibilities for all the floods now swamping parts of Britain: climate change ate our homework. From Hereford to Shrewsbury and South Wales to North…

Energized by enzymes — nature’s catalysts

(DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) Scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are using a custom virtual reality app to design an artificial enzyme that converts carbon dioxide to formate, a kind of fuel. PNNL’s Wendy Shaw and Aaron Appel organized a session at the 2020 #AAASmtg and invited colleagues from across the nation to share what they’ve learned.

A material benefit to society, Sandia scientist elected AAAS fellow

(DOE/Sandia National Laboratories) Sandia National Laboratories senior scientist Tina Nenoff was elected by her peers a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science for the advancement of science ‘in service to society’ and ‘for outstanding accomplishments in nanoporous materials and technology through research and group effort leadership, particularly in ion and gas separations for energy and environmental applications.’

13 unexpected leap year facts

About every four years, February gains an extra day. We do this so our calendars don’t get out of whack, but Feb. 29 has also prompted some interesting traditions. Here are some surprising facts about the bonus day that comes…

Climate change: The devastation of Australia’s ocean – The Independent

Even before the ocean caught a fever and reached temperatures no one had ever seen, Australia’s ancient giant kelp was cooked. Rodney Dillon noticed it the day he squeezed into a wet suit several years ago and dove into Trumpeter…

Does tapping the side of a beer can actually reduce the fizz?

The long and storied history of beer is rife with colorful traditions. Canned beer — a relatively modern development — doesn’t enjoy that kind of history. But there’s one custom that’s been around since the first can of suds hit…