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News about Climate Change and our Planet


The Real Moby Dick: Mythic White Sperm Whale Captured on Film Near Jamaica

A white sperm whale was recently spotted off the coast of Jamaica. The video, recorded by a Dutch merchant sailor, brings to life Herman Melville’s classic Moby Dick, except for the fact that this white whale seemed totally relaxed. Almost drifting near the surface, the white of the whale’s back is unmistakable and wonderful, but […]

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China Pledges to Plant Forests of Trees Equal to the Size of Belgium – For Each of the Next 5 Years Straight

Ever the one to go big or go home, Chinese officials have briefed reporters on a new massive greening campaign that will create Belgium-sized forests every year for the next five years. Additionally, the country’s national park and forest system will be expanded, new green corridors will be created to reconnect fragmented populations of wildlife, […]

The post China Pledges to Plant Forests of Trees Equal to the Size of Belgium – For Each of the Next 5 Years Straight appeared first on Good News Network.

Scientists and musicians tackle climate change together | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT News

Audiences may travel long distances to see their favorite musical acts in concert or to attend large music festivals, which can add to their personal carbon footprint of emissions that are steadily warming the planet. But these same audiences, and…

Germany’s Next Government Vows To Create A Super Climate Revolution

As Chancellor Angela Merkel’s era comes to an end, Germany’s next coalition government has vowed to usher in a “climate revolution” ahead of its inauguration. “Germany’s new coalition promises climate revolution,” the country’s state-run DW News reported on Friday. The…

Climate change: Art takes center stage in Denmark’s fight against global warming – KABC-TV

DENMARK (KABC) — As Eyewitness News continues its “Earth on the Edge” series, we’re giving you a look at how society is finding a way to reverse the climate’s downward spiral through the power of art. Eyewitness News anchor David…

Can America prevent a global warming cold war? | TheHill – The Hill

At the 11th hour of climate negotiations in Scotland last week, the U.S. and China released a “Joint Glasgow Declaration on Enhancing Climate Action in the 2020s” outlining increased cooperation on a wide range of climate and clean energy topics….

Analysis: Could making climate change a rights issue help boost action? – Reuters

Climate change increasingly seen as basic rights issue Lawsuits invoking human rights gather pace worldwide U.N. resolution hailed as potential trigger for action Nov 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – There are no words for “climate change” in the language of…

Technology Not Treaties will Reduce Global Warming – State of the Planet

As we leave COP26 behind, we see both progress against climate change and frustration about the strength and likely effectiveness of the agreement reached. Over the past two decades, climate change has moved from the fringe to the center of…

Arctic researchers want to state their case before international climate change policy makers – Cape Cod Times

Rachael Treharne, an Arctic ecologist at the Woodwell Climate Research Center in Falmouth, returned to her Oxford, England home after nearly two weeks in Glasgow at Cop26, the United Nation’s 2021 climate change conference, that was still struggling to finish…

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