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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


I Rented An Electric Car For A Four-Day Road Trip And It Was A Nightmare

I thought it would be fun. That’s what I told my friend Mack when I asked her to drive with me from New Orleans to Chicago and back in an electric car. I’d made long road trips before, surviving popped…

Climate Change Is Hurting Penguins Unevenly in Antarctica – The New York Times

Adélie penguins have had a rough time of it on the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula, where warming linked to climate change has occurred faster than almost anywhere else on the planet. That and other factors have led to…

Aviation exhaust pollution, air quality, and impacts on Human Health – Melbourne Airport 3rd runway expansion

Melbourne Airport with 3 runways 2026 Option 1, Night 11pm-6am Flight Paths Melbourne Airport is planning a third runway. So I’m doing a science literature dive into reading the air pollution health impacts of aviation emissions… You know, that coating…

‘High Hopes’ For Treating Severe Asthma After Scientists Identify Anti-Inflammatory Molecule

Scientists have uncovered a new approach for treating severe asthma. They have high hopes their discovery may pave the way for effective new treatments, especially in children. The research comes from the School of Biochemistry and Immunology at the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute (TBSI) in Ireland, which has one of the highest rates of asthma in […]

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Here’s One Way Shareholders Can Get Companies to Act on Global Warming –

Here’s one way your fund can start prodding companies to act on climate change: Link executive pay to their plans to reduce emissions that cause global warming, and then vote every year on how well executives are doing on those…

Antarctica’s fossil rainforest is a warning about climate change –

Not far from the South Pole, more than half a mile below the ocean in a region that was once covered by ice, a layer of ancient fossils tells a surprising story about the coldest continent on Earth. Today, the…

Analyzing the Total Warming Footprint of Aircraft – AZoCleantech

Nov 24 2021 The aviation industry contributes largely to global warming because of the climate pollutants it generates. Looking at Klöwer, M. et al‘s journal paper published in Environmental Research Letters, this article analyzes aviation’s total warming footprint by modeling CO2 and…

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