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News about Climate Change and our Planet


The human imperative of stabilizing global climate change at 1.5°C – Science Magazine

The need to stabilize global climate Climate change will be the greatest threat to humanity and global ecosystems in the coming years, and there is a pressing need to understand and communicate the impacts of warming, across the perspectives of…


Reduce, reuse, recycle: The future of phosphorus

When Hennig Brandt discovered the element phosphorus in 1669, it was a mistake. He was really looking for gold. But his mistake was a very important scientific discovery. What Brandt couldn’t have realized was the importance of phosphorus to the future of farming.

Hiding in plain sight

(Washington University in St. Louis) Early rice growers unwittingly gave barnyard grass a big hand, helping to give root to a rice imitator that is now considered one of the world’s worst agricultural weeds. The new research from biologist Kenneth Olsen in Arts & Sciences is published this week in Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Getting Silenced By The Eco-Warrior Establishment

Ben Heard, an Australian campaigner for nuclear energy, has been describing how he is hounded by environmental organizations, in particular, Friends of the Earth, because of his views. ‘I have been called a racist,’ he says. ‘I have been called…

Finding (microbial) pillars of the bioenergy community

(Michigan State University) In a new study in Nature Communications, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center scientists at Michigan State University have focused on understanding more about the plant regions above the soil where these microbes can live, called the ‘phyllosphere.’ Ashley Shade, MSU assistant professor of microbiology and molecular genetics, and her lab classified core members of this community in switchgrass and miscanthus.