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As Russia Fortifies Ukraine Border, Kerry Talks Climate With Foreign Minister

John Kerry, President Joe Biden’s special representative on climate change, met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday for an impromptu meeting on “the climate agenda” in India. The meeting occurred as Russian troops and weaponry continue to amass…

Due to global warming, the north will be covered with snow. The south will remain without rain –

Vladimir Semyonov predicts increased rainfall in northern Eurasia and high latitudes Photo: Vadim Akhmetov © URA.RU. Global warming will cause increased rainfall in northern Eurasia and higher latitudes. A.M., Deputy Director of Science, Institute of Atmospheric Physics. Obukhov RAS, Doctor…

Germany urges EU to engage with Russia on climate change – Financial Times

Germany has called for greater co-operation with Russia on climate change in a contentious new effort to restore frayed EU ties with Moscow. The European bloc should develop a “concrete and detailed strategy” on global warming as part of a…

Biden Vs Merkel: The Battle Over Russian Gas Is Heating Up

Two months ago, a Russian pipe-laying ship called the Akademik Cherskiy left the Baltic island of Rügen to finish the last few miles of the most controversial gas pipeline in the world. Germany hopes that Nord Stream 2 will improve its…

2nd-known interstellar visitor rounds the sun

The 1st interstellar object – 1I/’Oumuamua – had already passed closest to our sun when astronomers first spotted it. So catching this 2nd one – 2I/Borisov – prior to perihelion was a big plus for astronomers! Before and after images here.

Interstellar object closest to the sun today

The fascinating object 2I/Borisov has been steadily brightening as it nears its encounter with our sun. It’ll pass closest to the sun on December 8, 2019, then flee again toward interstellar space.

IAU names the 2nd interstellar visitor

The first known interstellar visitor received the official name ‘Oumuamua, meaning ‘scout.’ This one has a less romantic name and one that sets a standard for future discoveries: 2I/Borisov.

Here comes the first known comet from outside of our solar system

Our solar system is getting another visitor from a faraway galaxy. An amateur astronomer from Crimea named Gennady Borisov first spotted the fast-moving fleck in the night sky last month. Since then, both Hawaii’s Gemini Observatory and Spain’s William Herschel…

Astronomers spy a 2nd interstellar visitor

Astronomers think the object they’ve labeled C/2019 Q4 – discovered August 30 – came from a place far, far away. If confirmed, it’s only the 2nd interstellar object ever detected, after ‘Oumuamua in 2017.