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How is global warming impacting the world’s tropical forests? – World Economic Forum

Trees remove carbon from the atmosphere when they are living, but release large quantities when they die. Scientists predict that just a 2˚C could push most tropical rainforests above their safe ‘heat threshold’ As they photosynthesise and grow, tropical forests…

We need a new approach to UK resilience — leading Cranfield academics

(Cranfield University) Leading academics from across Cranfield University are calling for a new approach to UK resilience. Writing in today’s Financial Times, the academics believe that as well as lessons learnt from the response to COVID-19 there is a much wider lesson to be learnt about how the UK identifies, prepares and responds to threats and risks, such as to our safety, our national security and from climate change.

Total revamp needed to secure the future of Aussie tourism

(University of South Australia) A complete reset of Australia’s tourism industry is necessary to ensure its future success, according to global tourism expert, Professor Marianna Sigala at the University of South Australia.


I spent over 40 years in the Australian defence force. Our lack of preparedness concerns me | Chris Barrie

The past 18 years has been a period of significant disengagement and disinterest by the community in Australian political affairs. The political shenanigans described in Malcolm Turnbull’s recent book A Bigger Picture ought to be a wake-up call that as…


The Guardian view on climate and Covid: time to make different choices | Editorial

The dust storms that devastated the US prairie during the Great Depression were the worst ecological disaster in American history. They were also, partly, manmade. Decades of farming in the Great Plains had rid the topsoil of its native grass,…