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Announcing new GSA Division Award for career achievement in petroleum geology

(Geological Society of America) The Curtis-Hedberg Petroleum Career Achievement Award has been established by the Energy Geology Division of The Geological Society of America (GSA) and will be awarded in 2020 at the GSA Annual Meeting in Montréal, Canada.


No deliveries: How cells decide when to accept extracellular packages

Endocytosis, a fundamental process that cells use to take in macromolecules, functions a lot like an airlock on a spaceship — but squishier, says a researcher. Researchers have studied how cells initiate and perform endocytosis since the 1960s, but in a new article they finally describes how cells shut down this important cellular machinery. And their findings are not without controversy.

Harvesting genes to improve watermelons

(Boyce Thompson Institute) An international team of researchers has taken a comprehensive look at the genomes of all seven species of watermelon, creating a resource that could help plant breeders increase the domestic fruit’s quality and ability to thrive during an era of climate change. The paper describing this work is being published in the Nov. 1 issue of Nature Genetics.

BTI researchers unlocking hornworts’ secrets

(Boyce Thompson Institute) Hornworts are a little-studied group of plants with unique biology methods of securing carbon and nitrogen. Unlocking these secrets may help researchers boost agricultural output and use less synthetic fertilizer, as well as provide broader insights into plant evolution. Thanks to a $550,000 grant from the US National Science Foundation Boyce Thompson Institute faculty members Fay-Wei Li and Joyce Van Eck will develop robust gene transfer and editing technologies to help these efforts.

Global Warming, Market Opportunity – Boston Review

Oct 8, 2019 26 Min read time On the lure of climate entrepreneurism. After GeoengineeringHolly Jean BuckVerso, $24.95 (cloth) Burning UpSimon PiraniPluto Press, $27 (paper) In 2001 the economist George Reisman gave the annual Ludwig von Mises Memorial Lecture entitled…

CRISPRed fruit flies mimic monarch butterfly, and could make you vomit

Monarch butterflies and a few other insects evolved essentially the same genetic mutations allowing them to eat toxic milkweed without getting sick. Monarch butterflies and caterpillars store the toxins to deter predators. Scientists have now used CRISPR gene editing to make these same mutations in fruit flies, successfully conferring toxin resistance. This is the first time an animal has been genetically engineered to eat a new food and employ a new type of deterrence.

Curbing diesel emission could reduce big city mortality rate

US cities could see a decline in mortality rates and an improved economy through midcentury if federal and local governments maintain stringent air pollution policies and diminish concentrations of diesel freight truck exhaust, according to new research.

A to Z Reasons to Support Tesla

“A to Z reasons to support Tesla” is a list that was created by a Model 3 owner, Ade Olabisi, who graduated from Cornell University. Ade loves his Tesla and is a huge supporter of Elon Musk. He wrote to me on Twitter a few days ago with this list that he created in June of 2018. The list reflects on Tesla from the viewpoint of