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NASA selects 16 futuristic space technology concepts

NASA has selected 16 cool new futuristic space technology concepts for further study. Four of them are from NASA’s own Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), including a railway system on the moon to move cargo.

‘Climate crisis’ now upon us – Monroe Evening News

“Climate Change,” aka “Global Warming” is now back with a vengeance. Perhaps the best way to understand climate issues is as a subset of environmental issues, which are subsumed in the worship of Mother Earth. It’s a religion, worshiping the Creation,…


Why Are Some Curbside Services No Longer Accepting Glass?

Tucson is one of many cities that have scrapped curbside glass recycling. Starting February 1st, Tucson residents have to drive miles to one of the city’s glass recycling facilities with their boxes or bags of glass bottles and containers. Why are so many cities turning their backs on curbside glass recycling?It comes down to money. […]


Recycling Starts With the Things You Buy

Containers and packaging make up the bulk of the recyclables your household generates. Between 2000 and 2018, the amounts generated increased from 75.84 million tons to 82.22 million tons. The good news is that the tonnage recycled increased from approximately 38% to 53.8%.There’s still room for improvement. In 2000, 37.86 million tons of packaging and […]

Mexico City With 9 Million People, Joins China By Enacting New Ban on Single-use Plastics and Straws in 2021

In Mexico City, after more than a year of behind-the-scenes work, a ban on single-use containers, cutlery, straws, cups, stirrers and other popular but disposable items has come into effect. Mexico City’s environmental secretary explained on Twitter that the capital will now be a place “without single-use plastics,” and urged citizens to think of reusable […]

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MIT convenes influential industry leaders in the fight against climate change

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) MIT has announced the MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium (MCSC), which convenes influential industry leaders from a broad range of industries with the aim of vastly accelerating shared solutions to address climate change.

A mild way to upcycle plastics used in bottles into fuel and other high-value products

Plastic is ubiquitous in people’s lives. Yet, when plastic-containing items have fulfilled their missions, only a small amount is recycled into new products, which are often of lower quality compared to the original material. And, transforming this waste into high-value chemicals requires substantial energy. Now, researchers have combined a ruthenium-carbon catalyst and mild, lower-energy reaction conditions to convert plastics used in bottles and other packaging into fuels and chemical feedstock.


Scientists identify contents of ancient Maya drug containers

Scientists have identified the presence of a non-tobacco plant in ancient Maya drug containers for the first time. The researchers detected Mexican marigold (Tagetes lucida) in residues taken from 14 miniature Maya ceramic vessels. The vessels also contain chemical traces present in two types of dried and cured tobacco.