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16 houseplants that are almost impossible to kill

You love plants, but you don’t like a lot of maintenance and you secretly worry that you’ll kill them. Does that sound about right? We have a solution. These plants are easy as can be while still providing the benefits…

Why researchers are teaching rats how to drive

[embedded content] Researchers at the University of Richmond have taught rats how to drive, and the results could offer huge benefits for humans. Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience Kelly Lambert and her research colleagues trained 17 rats how to drive mini-cars…

Parasite manipulates algal metabolism for its own benefit

(Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology) Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology and the universities of Jena and Frankfurt show that a pathogenic fungus alters the metabolism of its host unicellular algae, for its own purposes: the small bioactive substances that are formed in the process benefit the fungi’s own propagation while preventing the algae from proliferating. Eventually the algae shrink and die.

Scientists sequence 1,100 plants, illuminating 1 billion years of evolution

(Florida Museum of Natural History) Scientists have completed a nine-year quest to sequence active genes from more than 1,100 green plant species, revealing the plot twists and furious pace of the rise of this super group of organisms.

5 recipes for homemade baby food (and why you should make your own)

I love making homemade baby food, and I’ve never understood why more families don’t do it. It saves you money. In many ways it’s so much easier than any other kind of cooking, and you maintain control over the ingredients….

Reusables are great — if you wash them

You probably take some simple steps to shop and store food in environmentally conscious ways. Maybe you use a reusable water bottle and take reusable bags to the grocery store. Reusable items are great, as long as you keep them…

Study has wide-reaching impact on safe storage of nuclear energy waste

(Virginia Tech) With a three-year award from the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy and in collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories, Virginia Tech researchers will seek to gain deeper insight and knowledge into the permeability of the clay barriers used in nuclear waste repositories.

Battling BPA with biofilms

(University of Pittsburgh) New research from the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering has received $420,000 from the National Science Foundation to combine biofilms and electrodes to degrade BPA.

Beverage cart spins out of control at O'Hare

[embedded content] A catering cart with a mind of its own caused quite a stir at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Monday. The video of the incident went viral after the American Airlines unmanned vehicle started spinning out of control…

Procter & Gamble and PureCycle Collaborate on Polypropylene Recycling Process

As of 2015 approximately 6,300 million metric tons of plastic waste had been generated, of which only 9% had been recycled, 12% had been incinerated, and 79% had accumulated in landfills or been dumped in the ocean according to a…