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Reusable plastic bags are worse than the single-use bags they were meant to replace

Reusable bags, sometimes called “bags for life,” are all the rage these days for environmentally-conscious consumers looking to cut down on their plastic waste. In certain grocery stores, these bags are even required unless you want to fork over a…

Why good Christmas trees might be hard to find

If you’re someone who enjoys the beauty and smell of a real Christmas tree, you might have to search a little harder and pull a few more bills out of your wallet this holiday season. Some news outlets in the…

Woody plants with undesirable tendencies

(American Society for Horticultural Science) A weed is normally defined as a plant, native or non-native, that is not valued where it is growing. An invasive species is generally defined as a species that not only spreads geographically outside its typical range but also has a proclivity for displacing native flora and fauna. People are encouraged to not stereotype native or non-native plants, but rather to suggest that people should consider a species for its individual merits and shortcomings, regardless of its geographic origin

Using controlled environment food production to solve food shortages

(American Society for Horticultural Science) Before land and labor shortages prompted by the Industrial Revolution forced food production to move away from cities, agriculture was central to urban environments and their planning. Now, certain shifts in consumption habits and preferences are allowing urban agriculture to make a comeback to address sustainability issues in our food system and promote social and environmental cohesion by reducing dependence of fossil fuels and increasing food security.


Get over it? When it comes to recycled water, consumers won’t

If people are educated on recycled water, they may come to agree it’s perfectly safe and tastes as good — or better — than their drinking water. They may even agree it’s an answer to the critical water imbalance in California. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to use recycled water — and it sure doesn’t mean they’ll drink it. And the reason lies in the word ‘disgust.’

5 Global Trends Shaping Our Climate Future – The New York Times

Want climate news in your inbox? Sign up here for Climate Fwd:, our email newsletter. WASHINGTON — Wind turbines, solar panels and electric vehicles are spreading far more quickly around the world than many experts had predicted. But this rapid…

No Apologies: Africans Say Their Need For Oil Outweighs Climate Concerns

A handful of protesters on the ground floor of the cavernous Cape Town International Convention Centre spread fake oil on the ground and chanted, demanding an end to fossil fuels [pictured]. Two floors above, the hundreds of delegates at Africa…