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Tesla Autopilot & Smart Summon Handle Construction Zone & Traffic Cones Like A Boss

Elon Musk and the Tesla software team are aiming to roll out all of the features of its Full Self-Driving package by the year-end, a tough goal but one that should be achievable with a little margin here and there. The latest version of the Tesla firmware update shows that the cars can now detect traffic cones

Air pollution hits 'unbearable' levels in northern India

Tourists visiting the Taj Mahal are bringing more than cameras with them when they head to the iconic 17th-century marble mausoleum in Agra, India. With air pollution in northern India reaching hazardous levels, visitors in Agra, New Delhi and surrounding…

Why don’t evergreen trees change color and drop their leaves?

As temperatures drop, broad-leafed deciduous trees – think maples and oaks – withdraw the green chlorophyll from their leaves. Their leaves turn colors and fall. Evergreens solve the problem of winter in a different way.

Nigerian Damilola Ogunbiyi Gets Top UN Sustainable Energy Job

The first woman to lead the charge for electrification in rural Nigeria said access to power would ‘unlock’ the sustainable development goals. Damilola Ogunbiyi, the first woman head of the Nigerian Rural Electrification Agency, has been appointed to lead the…

Jane Fonda: From Hanoi Jane To Climate Hypocrite

Jane Fonda keeps pulling off the impossible in Hollywood. The Oscar winner stepped away from cameras in 1990 only to stage an improbable comeback with the 2005 hit “Monster in Law.” She was in her mid-60s at the time in…