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Forest fragmentation hits wildlife hardest in the tropics

(Oregon State University) Animals that evolved in environments subject to large-scale habitat-altering events like fires and storms are better equipped to handle forest fragmentation caused by human development than species in low-disturbance environments.

Only you can prevent global warming – The CT Mirror

RAY BOLAND, NOAA. :: Creative Commons According to the National Geographic, the garbage in the ocean can prevent algae and plankton, the photosynthetic producers in the marine food web, from receiving enough sunlight to create nutrients. When these tiny organisms…

A relative of one of the most famous trees of all time is hiding in plain sight

It’s never easy having famous relatives. No matter how distantly you may be related to a celebrity, people will still want a piece of you. Sometimes, even literally. That’s why you won’t see so much as a picture of a…


Operational mapping system for high-resolution tropical forest carbon emissions

For the first time, scientists have developed a method to monitor carbon emissions from tropical forests at an unprecedented level of detail. The approach will provide the basis for developing a rapid and cost-effective operational carbon monitoring system, making it possible to quantify the economic cost of deforestation as forests are converted from carbon sinks to sources.

Scientists warn climate tipping points may be close, endorse need for climate emergency action

Two peer reviewed statements by scientists just prior to the UN climate conference COP25 to be held in Madrid, Spain from December 2 to 13, have made clear the existential crsis humanity now faces with climate change and the dire…