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Why did Ecuador's largest waterfall disappear?

Earlier this year, the 500-foot-tall San Rafael waterfall in the Ecuadorian Amazon seemed to vanish. The country’s largest waterfall in both height and volume, its disappearance wasn’t caused by a sudden drop in water levels, but instead because the Coca…


Here be dragons: Analysis reveals new species in ‘Smaug’ lizard group

Smaug, the deadly dragon in J.R.R Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit,’ has a newly discovered living relative. With dense, alligator-like armor, this small, real-life dragon lizard, Smaug swazicus, is a rock-crevice recluse confined to mountaintops in southern Africa.

BBC Admits: Green Energy Plants Threaten Wildlife Habitats

Wind, solar and hydropower installations pose a growing threat to key conservation areas, say researchers. Researchers found that over 2,200 green energy plants have been built within the boundaries of the Earth’s remaining wilderness. They say that around 17% of…

Pablo Escobar’s hippos may help counteract a legacy of extinctions

When cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar was shot dead in 1993, the four hippos in his private zoo in Colombia were left behind. Since then, their numbers have grown to an estimated 80-100 in the country’s rivers. Scientists and the public alike have viewed the hippos as invasive pests that should not run wild in South America. Now a new study by an international group of researchers challenges this view.


U.N. Shifts from Climate Change to Coronavirus – Scientific American

The novel coronavirus pandemic is now the world’s top priority. Climate change will have to be put on the back burner, for now. That was the message delivered to reporters from U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres, via an unprecedented online press…

Homeless pets need your help as coronavirus closes shelters

There are so many obvious victims of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are plenty that aren’t as apparent. Animal shelters and rescues are among those impacted but the coronavirus. As more people across the United States are being told to…

Vibes before it bites: 10 types of defensive behavior for the false coral snake

(Pensoft Publishers) The False Coral Snake (Oxyrhopus rhombifer) may be capable of recognizing various threat levels and demonstrates 10 different defensive behaviors, seven of which are registered for the first time for the species. Scientists from the Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil) published their laboratory observation results based on a juvenile specimen in the open-access journal Neotropical Biology and Conservation.

Meet Lauren Killian, Enviva sustainability forester

Take a walk in the woods with Killian, who promotes forest health and stewardship and helps private landowners manage their forests. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women make up less than 15 percent of forest and conservation professionals across…


Reanalysis of global amphibian crisis study finds important flaws

Last year in the journal Science, a research review concluded that the chytrid fungus caused the decline of at least 501 amphibian species, of which 90 have gone extinct. A team has reanalyzed a study, finding that the paper’s main conclusions lack evidence and are unreproducible. The authors argue that transparent data collection and analysis are crucial — both for science and conservation efforts.