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News about Climate Change and our Planet


British Wildlife – June issue

The June issue of British Wildlife contains the usual mixture of news, comment, research and analysis. As always it’s a fascinating mixture. I turned to Derek Gow’s and Peter Cooper’s article on Wildcats in England first – fascinating stuff. British…

Computer scientists predict lightning and thunder with the help of artificial intelligence

(Saarland University) Together with Germany’s National Meteorological Service, the Deutscher Wetterdienst, computer science professor Jens Dittrich and his doctoral student Christian Schön from Saarland University are working on a system that is supposed to predict local thunderstorms more precisely than before.

Damage to the ozone layer and climate change forming feedback loop

Increased solar radiation penetrating through the damaged ozone layer is interacting with the changing climate, and the consequences are rippling through the Earth’s natural systems, effecting everything from weather to the health and abundance of sea mammals like seals and penguins.

Antarctica: a trip to the heart of global warming – EL PAIS

The Antarctic is the only continent in the world without any countries, borders or wars. But it is here, on a windy, lonely ‘island’ twice the size of Australia where 90% of the planet’s ice survives, that scientists are wrestling…

Spy-Satellite Images Reveal How Climate Change Is Rapidly Melting the Himalayan Glaciers – The New Yorker

Over the last several years, on Mt. Everest, veteran alpine guides have reported seeing an increasing number of human skeletons and frozen corpses. One guide named Gelje Sherpa told the Times that when he first summited, in 2008, he found…

Songbirds are struggling with noise pollution

I often go trail running in the wooded hills behind my house during the “blue hour” — that time of night after the sun sets, but before it’s truly night. I also sometimes call it “bat time” as the winged…