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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Supreme Court takes on early stage of global warming case – Seattle Times

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Tuesday seemed cautious about siding with oil and gas companies in a case involving global warming. The case the court was hearing is not about whether the companies can be held responsible for…

How will the U.S. space program fare under Joe Biden?

Joe Biden is the United States presidential election winner, but his plans for NASA remain unclear. And while citizens digest the election results, the space industry is left wondering what comes next.

Dems Block Budgetary Restraints On Green New Deal, Climate Schemes

House Democrats blocked a motion Monday that would have preserved a long-standing budgetary restraint on excessive government spending. Democrats eliminated the restraint for climate change proposals such as the Green New Deal. Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO), the House Budget Committee…

New ice-mapping Mars mission slated for 2026 launch

The Mars Ice Mapper is a proposed Mars satellite being developed by NASA in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency. Its job is to create detailed geographic maps of water ice across the surface of the red planet.


When Obama Dodged The Senate With The Paris Climate Agreement

Recently, conservatives have called on President Trump to transmit the Paris climate agreement to the Senate as a treaty requiring “advice and consent” before it can in any way bind the United States, which Paris on its face so clearly…

Major climate change measures included in Covid aid bill – NBC News

The Covid-19 relief bill that President Donald Trump signed on Sunday includes legislation to fund investments in clean energy technologies and regulate climate-warming greenhouse gases — a step that offers some hope for the bigger climate ambitions of President-elect Joe…

Wind And Solar Losing Ground To Natural Gas

The subsidies that never die — for wind and solar power — are back. With Christmas coming on the Lame Duck, Congress elected to throw untold additional billions at renewables. What is amusing is that gas-fired power generation, a fossil…