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Industrial building is reimagined as a zero-carbon paragon for Paris 2024 Olympics

In anticipation of the upcoming Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, French architectural firm Jakob + MacFarlane has set its sights on reinventing a large, post-industrial facility into an innovative beacon for carbon-neutral design.

Tesla At Least 4–5 Years Ahead Of Competition — According To German Auto Industry Expert

In a recent review of the Tesla Model 3 by German newspaper Die Welt, auto industry expert Prof. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer is quoted as saying that Tesla has a huge lead over the competition. “The technical lead is easily four to five years. Range and driving pleasure are unmatched.”


Mapping and measuring proteins on the surfaces of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in cells

Sigma receptors are proteins found on mainly the surface of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in certain cells. Sigma-1 and sigma-2 are the two main classes of these receptors. The sigma-1 receptor is involved neurological disorders and certain types of cancer. To understand better how the receptor is involved in disease and whether drugs developed to target it are working, it is important to be able to accurately trace the sigma-1 receptor. Researchers have now developed a probe, which can identify and latch onto the sigma-1 receptor.

Why Designers Should Be Rebels

Disruption across industries, increasing market competition, consumers’ rising expectations: these factors threaten most,  if not all ,  brands in the market. For many experts, Human Centered Design (HCD) would be an effective way to create differentiated and value-added solutions

On maiden voyage, Boaty McBoatface identifies significant culprit in rising sea levels

Boaty McBoatface has gone where no autonomous vehicle has ever gone before — and come back with answers. The little submarine that could has found a link between increasing Antarctic winds and rising sea temperatures. The robotic sub earned its…

Siberian Polar Bear Seen Far Inland Not Caused By Sea Ice Loss

A thin polar bear has wandered more than 1000km south of the Kara Sea into the Siberian town of Norilsk, which has happened at least once before in the 1970s. It is reminiscent of a similar incident this past winter…

Global warming can be frightening. So this teacher focuses on solutions. – Yale Climate Connections

Duffer: ‘There was a lot of enthusiasm. It was a fun time. Students got into it.’ (Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Duffer) Global warming can be frightening. For Sarah Duffer of Asheville, North Carolina, that made it hard to teach in…


Call to arms: how can Australia avoid a slow and painful decline?

Australia is at a crossroads. Drift towards a future of slow decline economically and socially or, if action is taken now to address our most important challenges, create a future of greater prosperity for all, globally competitive industries and a…

Tesla’s New HW3 Self-Driving Computer — It’s A Beast (CleanTechnica Deep Dive)

A month ago, Tesla revealed several secrets regarding the new chip the Silicon Valley company has designed for full self-driving capability. Nonetheless, some of the people making that presentation may have failed to take into account that not everyone is fully literate in microprocessor design and engineering. I don’t fall into that category either, but I have been a computer enthusiast for quite some time and know a few things that might help me pick out some of the highlights, point out why they are so exciting, and further communicate how Tesla really is way ahead of the competition