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News about Climate Change and our Planet


The armadillo in the road looked dead, but this woman stopped to check anyway

Dory tenderly wrapped up the armadillo, comforting her the entire way to the sanctuary. (Photo: Jennifer Dory) Not many people pull over for an armadillo on the side of the road. Especially when they’re on their way somewhere. Like Jennifer…

Conflicting consequences of climate change for Arctic nesting geese

(Norwegian University of Science and Technology) Climate change is the big wild card when it comes to the survival of many Arctic species. A new study shows that climate change will be both good and bad for Svalbard barnacle goose populations — although the balance may tip depending upon the severity of future temperature increases, and how other species react.

Explainer: The high-emissions ‘RCP8.5’ global warming scenario – Carbon Brief

A sizeable portion of recent studies on future climate impacts have focused on a warming scenario called “RCP8.5”. This high-emissions scenario is frequently referred to as “business as usual”, suggesting that is a likely outcome if society does not make…

Pluripotency: ‘Butterfly effect’ discovered

Pluripotent cells can give rise to all cells of the body, a power that researchers are eager to control because it opens the door to regenerative medicine and organ culture for transplants. But pluripotency is still a black box for science, controlled by unknown genetic and epigenetic signals. Researchers have now uncovered one of those epigenetic signals, after a detective quest that started almost a decade ago.

A black hole met a neutron star and swallowed it 'Pac-man' style

About 900 million years ago, in a galaxy far away, a black hole and a neutron star crossed paths. It didn’t go well for the star. Black holes may be the Homer Simpsons of the cosmos — and not much…


Chattanooga becomes first 100% solar-powered airport in US

Tennessee’s fourth largest city, Chatanooga, becomes the
first American airport to be 100 percent solar powered – and joins only a
handful of airports who claim the same across the world.  The $5 million dollar project has been seven
years in the making and was funding by the Federal Aviation Administration. “This is a momentous day for
the Chattanooga Airport as we complete our solar farm and achieve a major
sustainability milestone,” said Terry Hart, president and CEO of the