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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate change is leading to premature births in the Brazilian Amazon – New Scientist News

By Luke Taylor Flooding in the Brazilian Amazon in 2015 Brazil Photos/LightRocket via Getty Images Extreme weather patterns and flooding worsened by climate change are adversely affecting the health of babies born in the Amazon rainforest. Luke Parry at Lancaster…

‘Overwhelming’ international support for more government action on environment, message-testing experiment finds

(University of Cambridge) – Survey experiment across UK, US, Brazil, India, China, Indonesia and Poland finds “overwhelming” support for more action ahead of COP26. – Research finds strong support in each country for policies to “protect and preserve” wildlife, plant trees, and invest in clean technologies. – In the run-up to COP26, Cambridge researchers say: “We face huge challenges protecting the environment, but global public opinion may no longer be chief among them.”

The missing trillions

(University of Sussex) The hidden social, environmental and health costs of the world’s energy and transport sectors is equal to more than a quarter of the globe’s entire economic output, new research from the University of Sussex Business School and Hanyang University reveals.

Why Do Democrats Keep Getting Their Climate Doomsday Predictions Wrong?

For more than 50 years, members of the scientific community and environmental movement have made climate-change predictions that ultimately turned out to be incorrect. Many of these predictions have been embraced by prominent Democrats over the years. President Joe Biden’s…

Climate change projections show there may not be snow for skiing at some NH mountains by 2070 –

DURHAM — By the 2070s, if climate change continues at its current global warming pace, New Hampshire’s southernmost ski areas could see snowless winters that are so warm that they’ll be unable to even make snow for skiers and riders….

Global warming can be stopped – The Manila Times – The Manila Times

One of the most famous and committed protectors of the natural world and defender of the planet is David Attenborough. He gave a speech online to the members of the United Nations Security Council on climate change and security this…

New Study Advances the Science of Arctic Climate “Warning” – Bowdoin News

Rusack Professor of Environmental Studies and Earth and Oceanographic Science Phil Camill  “So we have a big frozen carbon pool that could be mobilized into the atmosphere if it thaws and warms,” Camill said. For the past two decades, scientists have…


AGRICULTURE: Kenya seeks bids to expand crop cover for climate change

Kenya’s agriculture ministry has opened bids for crop insurance providers to cover more smallholder farmers from the risks and shocks of climate change, under a government program, according to a statement in state-owned MyGov newspaper.


FINANCE: World’s biggest wealth fund draws dot-com parallel with ESG

For the former hedge-fund boss now running the world’s largest sovereign investment vehicle, there are some obvious parallels between today’s market for sustainable assets, and tech stocks just before the dot-com bubble burst.