Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Photos: When the moon hid Mars

The moon will cover Mars 5 times in 2020, but the occultation on February 18, 2020 was the only one that will be accessible to viewers in much of North and Central America. Photos from the EarthSky Community here.

Global warming challenges grapegrowers to find answers – Napa Valley Register

Global temperature increases are affecting grapevines, and vineyardists are looking for answers. As temperatures rise, the results are increased variability and extreme weather conditions. Exactly how the Napa Valley and other wine-growing regions respond and work to help alleviate the…

It’s time to watch for the zodiacal light

The zodiacal light is an eerie light extending up from the horizon. This is a good time of year to see it in the evening, from the Northern Hemisphere. Southern Hemisphere, look before dawn!

An Unusual New York City Election Tests Whether Global Warming Can Win A Local Race – HuffPost

RIDGEWOOD, N.Y. ― In a past life, during the halcyon days before hipsters colonized New York City’s outer boroughs, Costa Constantinides sold toys here in this working-class, immigrant neighborhood in central Queens.  It was a time when the city had…

Climate summit calls for urgent action after Australia’s fire-hit summer

The megafires of Australia’s summer “are a harbinger of life and death on a hotter Earth”, a climate summit has said in a forceful declaration for urgent and dramatic climate action. The Climate Emergency Summit, held in Melbourne this week…


Rajendra Pachauri, 79, Dies; Led Nobel-Winning Climate Agency – The New York Times

Rajendra K. Pachauri, a charismatic voice on the risks of global warming who led the United Nations’ climate science agency when it won the Nobel Peace Prize, but whose career ended amid accusations of sexual harassment, died on Thursday at…


Letter: Lawmakers must address global warming’s effects – Buffalo News

The National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed on a recent Friday evening that at least six tornadoes touched down during last week’s historic winter thunderstorm event in Maryland and Virginia. Five were in the local Washington area. While one in this…

London Cops Look On As Extinction Rebellion Digs Up Govt. Lawn

London’s Metropolitan Police watched as Extinction Rebellion activists committed vandalism against government property by digging up grass outside of the Home Office. At least two police officers were seen in footage and photographs taken by news blog Guido Fawkes standing…