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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Inside ITER — the giant fusion reactor

(Springer) Most of the energy we consume is provided by fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal, which are major contributors to our current climate crisis. As the demand for energy continues to grow in almost every country in the world, we urgently need to find new power sources that are safe and environmentally friendly. Could hydrogen fusion be the answer?

Researchers decipher small Dead Sea mammal’s vocal communication

(Bar-Ilan University) With the Law of Brevity in mind, researchers examined whether call amplitude, rather than call duration, might be the main factor by which animal vocal repertoires are optimized. They fitted rock hyraxes with audio recorders and logged all of their calls, creating full vocal repertoire. The researchers demonstrate how changing necessities can affect the development of different voices for various purposes, and provide clues as to how the complexity of human language began to develop.

Mason scientist develops game to arm users against climate change ‘fake news’

(George Mason University) A George Mason scientist is developing a mobile game that will teach users to defend themselves from ‘fake news’ on climate change. Game builds resilience against misinformation; ‘inoculates’ users against fake news on climate change; gamifies critical thinking.George Mason University Professor John Cook, an expert on misinformation, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to enable development of the game, “Cranky Uncle,” for iPhone and Android phones. The crowdfunding page is: For more information:

European Parliament declares a climate and environmental emergency before COP25

A few hours ago the European parliament declared a climate emergency by a reasonably wide margin. The nonbinding resolution said the European Commission must : ensure all proposals are aligned with 1.5 °C target EU should cut emissions by 55%…

Oyster deaths: American slipper limpet is innocent

(Kiel University) Researchers from Kiel University (CAU), in cooperation with the NORe museum association for the North and Baltic Sea region and the Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum in Frankfurt, have managed to shine some light on the decline in numbers of the European oyster. They have concluded that the occurrence of the invasive American slipper limpet (Crepidula fornicata) is not one of the main causes for the European oyster dying out — unlike previously assumed.

Epic cosmic explosion detected via faster-than-light particles

Space-based observatories detected a violent explosion in a galaxy billions of light-years away. It became the brightest source of high-energy cosmic gamma rays seen so far. Specialized Earth-based telescopes detected it via faster-than-light particles cascading through Earth’s atmosphere.


COMMUNICATION: Phone failures risk ‘life and death’ during disasters

California is moving to require telecommunications companies to maintain service during disasters so residents and emergency officials can use their phones to talk and send text messages when electricity is out.