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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Globally, Net Zero Plans Are In A Complete Shambles

The collectivist Net Zero political project is starting to come apart before our very eyes. Making everyone poor, cold, hungry, and confined to small living territories was always a tall political ask, but decades of green virtue-signaling, backed by a…

‘Half-baked, half-hearted’: critics ridicule UK’s long-awaited climate strategy

The UK’s new energy plan unveiled on Thursday is a missed opportunity full of “half-baked, half-hearted” policies that do not go far enough to power Britain’s climate goals, according to green business groups and academics. The 1,000-page strategy has been…

Participating in Group Sports Can Offset High Stress and Contribute to Academic Competence During Challenges

A new study found that having an active sporting hobby offset stress and contributed to academic competence even during the COVID-19 lockdowns. The effect was calculated during the so-called two weeks to flatten the curve, and the researchers believe the observed effect was robust enough to be applicable in future periods of societal disruption. Researchers […]

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Older people like me need to start protesting for our planet | Bill McKibben

The brutal truth is that last week’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report didn’t have the effect it should have had, or that its authors clearly intended. Produced by thousands of scientists who synthesized the work of tens of thousands…

Climate change, gun violence concern young people in Asheville – Citizen Times

As an 18-year-old, it feels as though the world is at your fingertips, and the future is bright, bold and new. Or, rather, as an 18-year-old, that is how the world should feel. Unfortunately, for many people my age, it…

Power move: Stacey Abrams’ next act is the electrification of the US

Stacey Abrams has been hailed as a masterly community organizer, after she helped turn out the voters that secured two Senate seats for Democrats in once solidly red Georgia. She has also run twice – unsuccessfully – for state governor….

The rise of ‘doomers’: The people who think climate change can’t be stopped – The Washington Post

When Sean Youra was 26 years old and working as an engineer, he started watching documentaries about climate change. Youra, who was struggling with depression and the loss of a family member, was horrified by what he learned about melting…

Prominent Physicist Warns That Wind Power ‘Fails On Every Count’

A prominent physicist has warned that the UK is facing the likelihood of a failure in the electricity supply and calls for a reset of national energy policy. Professor Wade Allison, of the University of Oxford, says that the government…

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