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It’s time to pursue hospice, by Guy McPherson

It’s time to pursue hospice A Hearing was held by the New York City Council Committee on Environmental Protection on June 24, 2019, on the Resolution “Declaring a climate emergency and calling for an immediate emergency mobilization to restore a safe…

10 reasons making music is good for your brain

Turns out Mom and Dad were right: those piano lessons and the endless hours in school band practice were good for you. From making you smarter, to diminishing the effects of brain aging, to improving emotional stability, it seems that…

Scientists Suggest Turning Methane Into Carbon Dioxide Could Reduce Global Warming – Forbes

A group of climate researchers from Stanford University have proposed that an effort to turn one of the worst greenhouse gases, methane, into carbon dioxide – not the worst greenhouse, but much more abundant – could still work out positive for the…

Guest blog – The Time is Now by Patrick Killoran

Patrick works for Green Alliance as the policy assistant for the Greener UK Unit. Greener UK is a group of 14 major environmental organisations, with a combined public membership of over 8 million, united in the belief that leaving the…

Why you should try a 30-day alcohol break

Maybe you’ve tried it after the holidays. With overindulgence a not-so-distant memory and healthy resolutions staring you in the face, perhaps you’ve embraced the idea of a Dry January or “Drynuary.” But the “sober curious” movement has spread beyond January….

What are natural flavors vs. artificial flavors?

Check your pantry or nearly any grocery store shelf. Odds are, many of the items you find will list natural or artificial flavors in the ingredients. Of the two, natural flavor sounds more appealing. But what are natural flavors and…

Those Lazy, Hazy, SNOWY Days of Summer

Nat King Cole recorded “Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer” way back in 1963. In “Those days of soda and pretzels and beer,” summers were hot, and the only thing frosty was the beer. Not so much this summer….

UTSA uses permeable pavements and grass to cool cities and clean the water

(University of Texas at San Antonio) The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) College of Engineering has been selected to receive approximately $2.6 million in City funding to complete three water sustainability projects in San Antonio. Five UTSA engineering professors and one environmental scientist from the College of Sciences will work on behalf of the City to demonstrate the viability of permeable parking lots, to use roadside vegetation and trenchless technology to improve water quality, and to mitigate inner city flooding.